Use Manual Laser SPK-SB160 HDMI Optical Soundbar with FM and Bluetooth

Laser SPK-SB160 HDMI Optical Soundbar with FM and Bluetooth - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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User manual Soundbar for Laser SPK-SB160 


  • Press the INPUT button to toggle to the BT function. “BLUE” will begin to flash on screen, which means the Bluetooth “pairing mode” has been activated.
  • Turn the Bluetooth function on, on your device (smart phone or tablet etc).
  • Scan for new devices, and look for SPK-SB160 to pop up on screen.
  • Once found and selected, you may be prompted for a password to complete the pairing process. The password is 0000 (4 zeros).
  • Once connected and paired, “BLUE” will stop flashing to indicate pairing has been completed.
  • You are now ready to listen to music wireless via your sound bar. Open your music files, select a song and press play.


  • The primary benefit that ARC control can provide (refer to the user manual of your connected devices for more information) is to control sound levels of connected devices together, such as your sound bar and TV.
  • For example, if you increase the volume of your TV, your sound bar will also increase sound level. ARC is also able to power ON and power OFF your devices together but again, please refer back to the user manual of your connected devices for more information.


  • Open the battery compartment by sliding the cover back.
  • Insert the new battery as pictured making you have observed the correct polarity
  • Close the battery compartment.


  • Read all instructions carefully before use.
  • Retain manuals for future reference.
  • Use this product only in the manner described.
  • Only use a water-dampened soft-cloth to clean the surface of this product.
  • The following will damage this product: any liquid such as water or moisture, extreme heat; cold; humidity, dusty or sandy environments.
  • Only place this device on stable surfaces and ensure that any attached cables are secure and will not cause the device to fall.
  • There are no user serviceable parts in this product.
  • Un-authorized attempts to dismant

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