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Installation and User Manual


Bottom Mount Refrigerator


The door hinges are factory installed on the right-hand side. If you want the doors to open from the opposite direction, you can reverse the door swing.


  • Before you begin, unplug the refrigerator, or disconnect power.
  • Remove food and the bins from the refrigerator door.
  • The door hinges are designed to be right-hand swing or lefthand swing specific. Replace the right-hand hinges with the lefthand hinges provided in the parts bag. After removing, keep the right-hand hinges in case you would need to reverse the door swing.

Parts Provided:

  • Top Hinge
  • Center Hinge
  • Bottom Hinge

Tools Needed:

  • Flat-blade Screwdriver
  • Phillips-head Screwdriver
  • 8 mm Socket Wrench


1. Unplug refrigerator or disconnect power.

2. Pull down to remove the hinge screw covers from the wiring cover.

NOTE: The wiring cover spans the width of the cabinet top

3. Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove the four screws attaching the wiring cover to the top of the refrigerator cabinet. Lift up on the wiring cover and allow it to rest on the top of the cabinet.

4. Disconnect the wiring harnesses, by pinching each end and gently pulling them apart. Set wiring cover aside.

5. With your thumbs in the opening next to the hinge, press upward on the top plate to release and remove it from the refrigerator door. Set the top plate aside.

6. Lift up to remove the hinge cover, and keep it for possible future use.

7. Using an 8 mm socket wrench, remove the two screws attaching the top hinge to the cabinet.

8. Slide the top hinge to disengage it from the third screw on the cabinet, and then lift up to remove the hinge pin from the door.

NOTE: Save the top hinge for possible future use.

9. Lift the refrigerator door off of the center hinge, and gently lay the door on a covered surface.

10. Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove the plastic door closure and the metal door stop from the bottom of the door.

11. Remove the screw from the door closure, and replace the screw into the hole from which it was removed.

12. Move the door stop to the opposite side. Insert screw into the center hole and fasten.

13. Move the door closure to the opposite side. Flip over the door closure so that the curved edge of the closure is toward the center of the door.

14. Remove innermost screw. Fit the door closure on top of the door stop screw, and fasten with the innermost screw.

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Q: Hi! I need a door reversal kit. We reversed the doors upon delivery 5 years ago, and now need to reverse them back to factory, but the installers took the original hinges. Where can I purchase replacement parts? Thanks! Reply

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