What is UHD TV? The pros and cons of it

At the present time, the demand for entertainment of people is increasing. Especially smart entertainment products such as smartphones, smart TVs, etc. Most prominent is the new generation tv with high-resolution, showing us images as sharp as reality. For that reason, the race to improve the image of TV giants seems to have not stopped when the electronics companies are constantly trying, constantly improving and constantly expanding to be able to bring to the market high-quality television products increasingly perfecting. And UHD TV was born, this is a product line of the trend when it meets all the requirements of most computer users. So what is UHD TV? What are the pros? Or find out with us soon.

What is UHD TV?

What is UHD Tv

UHD is a higher resolution than

UHD TV is Ultra High Definition TV (aka Super Hi-Vision, Ultra HD Television, Ultra HD, UHD TV) including 4K UHD (2160p) and 8K UHD (4320p), which are two digital video formats of the proposal NHK Science and Technology Laboratory research and identification and approval of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).

UHD is simply a higher resolution than HD, even the smallest details stand out - such as the hair or fabric of a cotton shirt. 3840 pixel number is close to 4,000, which is why UHD TVs are also known as 4K TVs.

More specifically on a 4K resolution TV screen equipped with 3.840 horizontal pixels and 2.160 vertical pixels, corresponding to 8.3 million pixels. This helps the TV to deliver superior definition images with every detail, the motion is smooth and lifelike.

4K Ultra HD TV models will provide 4 times the detail of 1080p Full HD. The total number of pixels on a 4K TV is 8 million pixels compared to 2 million pixels on regular Full HD TVs. This is useful for image sharpness because it will retain a lot of fine details, embossed surfaces and smooth water.

All Ultra HD 4K TVs on the market now have screen sizes larger than 50 inches. The high pixel density of a 4K screen allows you to clearly see the smallest details of the picture, so you can comfortably preview a larger screen but still have the same sitting position when viewing with a Full-screen HD.

Pros and cons of UHD TV

UHD TV is now one of the important criteria to choose a TV for the family, now UHD TV has become popular and relatively popular with consumers with outstanding advantages compared to other regular full HD TV with 4 times the definition. However, to choose a TV that is suitable for our family, we should also learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of 4K TV before we make a decision:

Pros of UHD TV

The image resolution in this UHD TV is perfectly sharp even when you are watching movies on a large screen.

Pros of UHD Tv

Images are extremely high resolution and sharp

The transition between scenes, the movements on the screen or when watching action movies, blockbusters are very smooth, smooth and smooth, without jerks, noise or smudging.

No pixelation effect, even when approaching the screen, avoids eye strain, sore eyes, protection of eyes more than conventional TVs

Increase content extensibility from TV channels to Blu-ray. Some Hollywood blockbusters can be played, such as Hobbit cartoons in 4K resolution.
UHD TV is predicted to be the main development trend in the next 5 years. In addition to the advantages that this TiVi owns, there are still many limitations that need to be considered, considering if you are planning to buy your family a 4K resolution TV.

Cons of UHD TV

Expensive price: Because of its advanced technology that displays sharp, colorful images, this technology requires a large cost, so the purchase price of this device is completely in line with what it brings. Because the device creates a special 4k resolution, in the near future the price of the device will be hard to drop to the "affordable" level.

Lack of content options: This is a major drawback in using this 4k television, although there are many rumors from the manufacturer that specific content will be developed increasingly for people. Using UHD TV people always expect a different television, a TV that is both beautiful in image and complete in content but so far they have not been put into practice in practice.

Size is too big: having a large size can be considered as a convenience of this TV because you can entertain and fully enjoy what they convey, sharp images,  The more detail that makes it more unique than ever.

However, this will also be difficult because the TV is too large requiring the area to own it must also be a lot bigger if your family does not have enough space to accommodate them, certainly, finding a place for the 84-inch TV in your home is not going to be easy. Therefore, you need to consider carefully if you want to buy this 4k TV yourself.

How much is a UHD TV?

UHD TVs are not cheap. To be frank, the latest UHD TV models cost $ 2,000 and up, depending on screen size. The price of UHD TV is much higher than that of HD TV. But UHD TV prices are expected to be lower this year. In addition, it is important not to buy outdated UHD TVs, because they lack the latest features, and thus you hardly enjoy 4K technology. UHD TVs from unknown brands should also not be purchased, as many tests show they are not as good as the products of big brands.

Currently, many major brands of tv suppliers such as Samsung, LG, Sony have also provided UHD TV products. If you are really interested, go to reputable establishments to buy to experience. Above are my share for you. Surely you know what UHD TV is?

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