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8 Questions

  • Mi equipo tira un aire caliente en la habitación, no se como resolver dígame si eso es normal.
    Mi correo es, [email protected] Espero la respuesta

  • Unit overflows bucket, does not shut down when full

  • User Non avatarCharlie 1 year ago

    What does P2 mean?

  • User Non avatarEljayem1 year ago

    After six months use the pump has stopped working. Hose is not blocked and pump filter is clean. What else could it be and how do I fix it?

  • Same with mine. Ever get a solution?

  • User Non avatarDennis j t1 year ago

    my brand new PAD 50P1ABL overflowedI had it set on comfort with humidity level at 48?

  • User Non avatar #44103 United States2 years ago

    black plastic piece about 8 .5 inchs with cut out in middle, what is this piece for, my manual got tossed?

  • User Non avatar #51930 United States1 year ago

    It snaps on the back and it used to wrap the power cord around when not in use

  • User Non avatar #44102 United States2 years ago

    Inside there is a loose black plastic piece, what is this for

  • User Non avatar #18585 United States2 years ago

    What is the cost to operate this unit?&

  • User Non avatarYautja Pri2 years ago

    I have one and it doesn't change our electric bill all that much. The cost all depends on the functions you set and use, humidity levels, etc, so there isn't really a set number, but keep in mind if you need a dehumidifier, then the cost to run it heavily outweighs the cost of repairs from water/mold damage.