Use Manual Whirlpool MWC25BK 25L Crisp & Grill Microwave with Steam

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  • There are a number of accessories available on the market. Before you buy, ensure they are suitable for microwave use.
  • Ensure that the utensils you use are oven proof and allow microwaves to pass through them before cooking.
  • When you put food and accessories in the microwave oven, ensure that they do not come in contact with the interior of the oven.
  • This is especially important with accessories made of metal or metal parts.
  • If accessories containing metal comes in contact with the oven interior, while the oven is in operation, sparking can occur and the oven could be damaged.
  • Always ensure that the turntable is able to turn freely before starting the oven. If the turntable isn’t able to turn freely you should use a smaller vessel.

Turntable Support

  • Use the Turntable Support under the Glass Turntable. Never put any other utensils on the Turnta- ble Support.
  • Fit the Turntable Support in the oven.

Glass Turntable

Use the Glass Turntable with all cooking methods. It collects the dripping juices and food particles that otherwise would stain and soil the interior of the oven.

  • Place the Glass Turntable on the Turntable Support.

Wire Rack

  • Use the high Wire Rack when cooking with Grill or Combi grill.

Crisp Plate

  • Place the food directly on the Crisp Plate. The Crisp Plate may be preheated before use (max. 3 min.). Always use the Glass Turntable as support when using the Crisp Plate.
  • Do not place any utensils on the Crisp Plate since it will quickly become very hot and is likely to cause damage to the utensil.

Crisp Handle

  • Use the Crisp Handle to remove the hot Crisp Plate from the oven.

Plate cover (accessory sold separately)

  • The Cover is used to cover food during cooking and reheating with microwaves only and helps to reduce spattering, retain food moisture as well as reducing the time needed.
  • Use the cover for two level

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