Use Manual Euromaid GGFW50LPG 50cm Freestanding LPG Gas Oven/Stove

Euromaid GGFW50LPG 50cm Freestanding LPG Gas Oven/Stove - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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User Manual
  • Owner's manual - (English)
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  • Euromaid GGFW50LPG Freestanding Gas Oven/Stove Specifications Sheet - (English)

User manual Oven for Euromaid GGFW50LPG

Table of contents

  • How to use the hob
  • General information about cooking
  • Using the hobs
  • Important instructions and warnings for safety and environment
  • General safety
  • Electrical safety
  • Product safety
  • Intended use
  • Safety for children
  • Disposing of the old product
  • Package information
  • How to operate the oven
  • General information on baking, roasting and grilling
  • How to use the gas oven
  • Cooking times

Product safety

  • WARNING: In order to prevent accidental tipping of the appliance, for example by a child Climbing onto the open oven door, the stabilizing means must be installed. Please refer to instructions for installation,
  • If this appliances is installed on a base, measures must be taken to prevent the appliance from slip ping from the base.
  • Never use the product when your judgment or coordination is impaired by the use of alcohol and/or drugs.
  • Be careful when using alcoholic drinks in your dishes. Alcohol evaporates at high temperatures and may cause fire since it can ignite when it comes into contact with hot surfaces.
  • Do not place any flammable materials close to the product as the sides may become hot during use.

Intended use

  • This product is designed for domestic use. Commercial use will void the guarantee. This appliance is for cooking purposes only. It must not be used for other purposes, for example room heating.
  • This product should not be used for warming the plates under the grill, drying towels, dish cloths etc. by hanging them on the oven door handles. This product should also not be used for room heating purposes.
  • The manufacturer shall not be liable for any damage caused by improper use or handling errors.
  • The oven can be used for defrosting, baking, roasting and grilling food.

Safety for children

  • WARNING: Accessible parts will become hot when in use. To avoid bums and scalds children should be kept away.
  • WARNING: Accessible parts may become hot when the grill in use. Children should be kept away.
  • The packaging materials will be dangerous for chi

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