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User Manual

Imporiani Safety Advice

If the appliance is damaged, check immediately with the supplier before installation and operation.

Warning — This appliance must not be used in a bathroom,

Warning - Do not use this heater in the immediate surroundings of a bath, a shower or a swimming pool.

Warning — This heater must not be located immediately below a fixed socket outlet.

Warning - Do not use In aréas where petrol, paint or flammable liquids are used or stored.

Follow these instructions carefully.

The heater carries a warning ‘Do Not Cover’ to alert the user to the risk of fire that exisis if the heater is accidentally covered.

This appliance is not intended for use by children or other persons without assistance or supervision if thelr physical, sensory or mental capabilities prevent them from using It safely. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do noi play with the appliance.

Hithe mains lead is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or fis service agent or a similarly qualified) person in order to avoid a hazard.

Unpiug the heater when not required for long periods.

Do not use the heater if it develops a leak. Unplug the heater and contact your supplier or the manufacturer’s service agent.

Momentary contact with any part of the heater should not cause injury. However aged, Infirm persons or young children should not be leit unsupervised in the vicinity of the heater,

Please Noie - We recommend thai you open a window to ventilate the room when using ihe neater for the first time.



The radiator is designed for operation on an AC electricity supply, and is suitable for use in domestic dwellings and similar indoor locations.

Always ensure that the appliance is stood on a fitm, ievel base near to, but not directly beneath, a suitable fixed socket outlet.

The radiator is fitted with castors and a handle for ease of movement. Selector switches provide a choice of heat output and an adjustable thermostat enables the room temperature to be controlled accordingly. lt is supplied with a cord and plug ready for use.

The supply cord should be uncoiled before use (see ‘Storage’).

DO NOT pull the radiater along by the mains lead. important - The radiator must only be operated with the wheels and castors fitled and in the upright position as shown in Fig.1 and Fig.3B.

Warning — The heater complies with stringent safety standards but to ensure efficient operation SURFACES OF THE HEATER WILL BECOME HOT AND CONTACT WITH THESE AREAS SHOULD BE AVOIDED, particularly between the fins on the top and sides.

The control panel area is designed io be at a far lower temperature to allow the safe operation of the controls at any time.



This heater must be used on an AC— supply only and the voltage marked on the heater must correspond io the supply voltage. Do not switch the appliance on until properly installed. Please read ail the safety warnings and operating instructions before use.

Caution: If you use this heater in conjunction with a thermal control, programme controller, timer or any other device which switches the heater on automatically observe all safety warnings at all times.

Fitting the castors

The castors can only be fitted between the ouier fins (as shown in Fig. 2). Turn the radiator upside down on a carpet or other soft surface to avoid damage.

WARNING : THE RADIATOR IS HEAVY— ENSURE THAT IT 1S SUPPORTED. TO PREVENT IT FROM TOPPLING. Ask a second person to help with this if necessary. Locate the wire clamps and remove the winged nuts (see ‘C’) in Fig.3A. Insert the non threaded end of the wire clamp ‘A’ into one of the holes in ihe castor plate ‘B’ as shown in Fig.3A, at the same time lilting the opposite end of the plate slightly. Lower the castor plate and insert the threaded end of the clamp through the fins and over the boss and into the other hole in the castor plate. Place the winged nut ‘C’ on the thread and tighten it securely.

Repeat the process for the other castor bracket onto the last fin.

Note: The 9 and 11 fin column radiator models - use straight castor brackets and must be fitted as shown in Fig.2.

Lift the radiator clear of the floor, then turn it back upright and stand it on its castors as shown in Fig.i and Fig.3B. It is now ready for use.

Positioning the Heater

Select the position for the radiator ensuring there is clearance from any furniture and fittings of at least 300mm above the heater and 150mm each side. The radiator should only be operated on a flat stable surface.


IMPORTANT — Objects or clothing must not be placed on this heater.

Before using the heater ensure that all warnings and instructions have been read carefully. “

To bring the heater into use plug it in. Neon indicating lights locaied at the controls area will glow when the appliance is plugged into the mains.


Thermostat (see Fig.4)

The Thermostat (see Fig.4) controls the heat output according to the room temperature. This ensures that the heater will not produce heat unnecessarily when the room is warm. To set the temperature you require, turn the thermostat knob clockwise until the required setting is reached. Alternatively to heat a cold room quickly, turn the thermostat knob up fully. When the room has reached the desired temperature, turn the thermostat knob anti-clockwise until the thermostat just clicks off. The heaier will now automatically operate at this temperature. The thermostat also has a frost protection seiting marked , This setting is useful in areas such as garages, to prevent frost damage. If ihe thermostat is set to its minimum setting, the heater will cycle on and off to maintain a temperature of approximately 5° to help protect against frost.

Note - Should the heater fail to come on when the thermostat is at a low seiting, this may be due to the room temperature being higher than the thermostat setting.

Heat Selector Switches (see Fig.5)

Selector switches located on the control panel provide a choice of heat sutput to suit varying conditions and for economy of operation.

Fan Heater (see Fig.6)}

To accelerate room heating, a fan heater with a selector switch (S1) can be switched on.

Digital Timer Operation (see Fig.7)

IMPORTANT: Remember to observe all safety warnings when operating the heater on auto setting, either attended or unattended.

The timer allows you to select ‘AUTO’ or ‘MAN-ON’ by pressing the ‘MODE’ button until the required MODE appears at the bitiom of the timer display.

‘AUTO’ MODE allows the heater to switch ON and OFF according to a set 24 Hour program period (see ‘Setting Programs’ sectigin below). ‘MAN ON’ MODE allows power io the heaier : cninterrupted by the program settings.

Key Lock:

if ‘ENTER’ and ‘MODE’ are pressed within 1 second, ithe keys will be locked. The user will:know the keys are locked as the luck symbol will be displayed on thetop left hand corner of the screen. To unlock the keypad, press ‘ENTER’ and then ‘MODE’ within 1 secand.

Initial Operation

For initial use, piug the heater into a regular household power point and turn the power on. .The timer is now ready to be set,un for use.

Setting Current Time

  1. Press the ‘PROGRAM’ bution ONCE. The clock symbol appears on the top left hand side.of the screen. The.user can row set the clock.
  2. The hour digit wilt flash. To adjust the hour use ‘-‘ & ‘+ buttons. Confirm the hour digit by pressing ‘ENTER’,
  3. Once ‘ENTER” has-been pressed the minutes will flash. To adjust the minutes use the ‘-‘ & ‘+’ buttons. Confirm the minute digit by pressing ‘ENTER’.
  4. The timer now returns to the default display.
  5. To reset incorreci time, repeat previous steps.

Once the correct time is set, a total of four ON/OFF time. programs can be set for operation.

Setting Programmes

Press the ‘PROGAAM’ key twice to set the programs.

You are now setting ifie programs starting with Pi ‘ON®


  1. To set the hour use the pressing ‘ENTER’.
  2. To set the minutes use the pressing ‘ENTER’.

Note: The minutes can only be set in 10 minute blocks in programme ‘MODE’.


  1. To set the hour use the ‘-‘ & ‘+’ buttons. Coniirm the hour digit by pressing ‘ENTER’.
  2. To set the minutes use the pressing ‘ENTER’.

Repeat steps 1 to 4 to programme P2, P3 & P4. After. programming P4 ‘OFF’ you automatically exit to the default display.

At any tirne while programming the timer you can press the ‘PROGRAM’ button to exit to the default display.

Note: if the ‘ON’ time is the same as the ‘OFF’ time the appliance will ignore the program.

The Advance Function

When in AUTO MODE, if the ‘+‘ button is pressed for longer than 2 seconds the programme will ADVANCE to the next programmed and will only revert back to the program when the subsequent programmed time is reached. When the ‘ADVANCE’ function is running the ‘ADVANCE’ segrient will be displayed on the LCD screen. If the ‘-‘ button is pressed when the ‘ADVANCE’ programme is running the ‘ADVANCE’ feature will be automatically cancelled and the programme will run as normal.

Note - Timer Memory Back Up Batteries - Once the heater has been left pligged in with the socket switched on for at least 72 hours ‘the timer's memory back up batteries will be fully charged.

Once the timer betteries are fully charged, if there is a power cut or if the heater is disconnacted frortae mains for less than six months, then the timer will continwe to keep time & the settings in the memory will remain intact. lf however the timer back up batteries have not been charged fully, or if the heater is deprived of power for longer than six months, then the time and the programme seitings are likely to be lost and you may therefore need to reset the time and the programme before using the AUTO MODE again.

Safety in use

This appliance incorporates a number of safety devices. In addition to the “Iniportant Safety Advice’ section your attention is drawn to the folawing;

Tilt Switch

The tilt switch will prevent the heater from working if it is accidentally tipped.over on its side.

If the radiator is tipped over while it is hot, disconnect the power and allow. If to cool, then stand the radiator back upright. Reconnect the power normal operation should be resumed. ,

Safeity Overheat Protection

The heater is fitted with a thermal safety cut-out which will switch off ihe heater should it overheat for any reason. If the cut-out operates it is the result of abnormal overheating, and customer services should be contacted for further advice - see ‘After Sales Service’.


If the radiator is not required for long periods, for example. during the summer, it should be stored in a dry place and preferably ‘covered fo prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust. The supply cord should be neatly coiled around the cabie wrap (see Fig. 1) and the plug should be inserted in to the plug pin holes provided in the cable wrap.


The heater musi be kept plugged in at the mains io retain the time and the programmed setiings. If unplugged frofrr the mains, resetting the time and the programmed settings will be necessary.



Do not use detergents, abrasive cleaning powder or polish of any kind on the body of the heater.

Allow the heater to cool, then wipe with a dry cloth to remove dust and a damp-cloth (not wet) to clean off stains. Be careful not to allow moisture in to the heater.

After Sales Service

Should you require after sales service or should you need to purchase any spares, please contact the retailer from whom the appliance was purchased. Please do not return a faulty product to us in the first instance as this may result in loss or damage and delay in providing you with a satisfactory service. .

The fins of this heater are filled with a precise quantity of special oil. Repairs requiring opening of the oil container are only to be made by the manufacturer or its service agent. For further advice ff an oil leak is suspected please contact the retailer from whom the appliance was purchased. Regulations concerning the disposal of oil when scrapping the appliance must be followed.

Please retain your receipt as proof of purchase.


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