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User manual Dishwasher for KitchenAid KUDS03CTSS

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Add Rinse Aid

  • Your dishwasher is designed to use rinse aid for good drying performance. Without rinse aid your dishes and dishwasher interior will have excessive moisture. The heat dry option will not perform as well without rinse aid.
  • Rinse aid keeps water from forming droplets that can dry as spots or streaks. They also improve drying by allowing water to drain off of the dishes after the final rinse.
  • Rinse aid helps to reduce excess moisture on the dish racks and interior of your dishwasher.
  • Check the rinse aid indicator. Add rinse aid when indicator drops to “Add” level.
  • To add rinse aid, turn the dispenser cap to “Refill” and lift off. Pour rinse aid into the opening until the indicator level is at “Full.” Replace the dispenser cap and turn to “Lock.” Make sure cap is fully locked.

Start or Resume a Cycle

  • Run hot water at the sink nearest your dishwasher until the water is hot. Turn off water.
  • Push door firmly closed. The door latches automatically. Select the wash cycle and options desired OR press START/RESUME to repeat the same cycle and options as in the previous wash cycle.
  • You can add an item anytime before the main wash starts. Open the door slowly and add the item. Close the door firmly. Press START/RESUME.

To install lower level inserts:

NOTE: It will be easier to install the inserts if you remove the silverware basket from the rack.

  • Place the double insert end legs under the 3rd wire from the right and single insert legs under the 2nd wire from the right. IMPORTANT: Make sure that the curved wires, on the bottom of the insert, fit over the wires in the bottom of the rack.
  • Push down on insert until handle fits against outer rack edge.
  • When center tab under handle locks in under the middle side rack wire, the insert is in place.

To replace the rack:

  • Gently pull rack tracks forward in dishwasher until they stop and click into place.
  • To open track stops, flip the track stop to the outside of the track.
  • Place the back rack rollers on each side of the rack into the track slot and roll the rack back into the tracks.
  • Insert front rack rollers on each side of the rack into the rack slots.
  • Close track stops on both sides of rack and slide rack back into dishwasher.

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