Toshiba 49V5863DA UHD TV

User Manual

For 49V5863DA. Also, The document are for others Toshiba models: 43/49/55 V58, 43/49/55 V68, 43/49/55 T68, 43/49/50/55/65/75 U68, 43/49/50/55/65 U58, 49/55 U78

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43/49/55 V58
43/49/55 V68
43/49/55 T68
43/49/50/55/65/75 U68
43/49/50/55/65 U58
49/55 U78
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Toshiba 49V5863DA Questions and Answers

#1 Does my TV came with a HDMI cable?

Our TVs do not come with an HDMI cable.

#2 Does the TV play video and audio formats?

All our TVs play Video and Music files, please check the instruction
book on the TV. (Access though Menu and i+ Button)

#3 Can I connect my PC or Mac via HDMI?

HDMI input is supported on our TVs. However, if you are playing
back copyright protected content, then your graphic card will need
to be HDCP compliant.

#4 Why am I getting NW2-5 connection error when using Netflix with
BT Router?

Two settings on the BT Router will need to be amended:
1. Turn off parental controls
2. Remove the BT webprotect
You can turn off BT Web Protect by logging into ‘My BT’, and
selecting ‘Turn Off’ in the ‘BT Web Protect’ panel with the ‘My
Security’ section of the page. Note that it will take up to two
hours for this service to be removed.

#5 How can connect Headphones to my Toshiba TV without the TV
sound muting?

If you use a pair of headphones which have a microphone on the
connector (4 band type, 3.5mm jack), then you can plug these into
the TV headphone socket. The TV sound will not mute, so you can
hear sound through both the speakers and the headphones.