Pioneer MUH-GA20VB Air Conditioner - User Manuals

Pioneer MUH-GA20VB Air Conditioner - User Manuals - User Guide. SPLIT-TYPE, HEAT PUMP AIR CONDITIONERS SERVICE MANUAL HFC utilized R410A MUH-GA20VB - MUH-GA25VB - MUH-GA35VB - E1 No. OB387 Wireless type Models MUH-GA20VB - E1 MUH-GA25VB - E1 MUH-GA35VB - E1 CONTENTS 1. TECHNICAL CHANGES ····································2 2. PART NAMES AND FUNCTIONS······················6 3. SPECIFICATION·················································6 4. NOISE CRITERIA CURVES·······························7 Indication of model name 5. OUTLINES AND DIMENSIONS ·························8 6. WIRING DIAGRAM ············································9 E1 7. REFRIGERANT SYSTEM DIAGRAM··············10 E1 8. PERFORMANCE CURVES ······························11 9. SERVICE FUNCTIONS ····································22 10. TROUBLESHOOTING······································22 11. DISASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS·····················29 12. PARTS LIST······················································32 NOTE: •This manual describes technical data of outdoor units. •As for indoor units MSC-GA20/GA25/GA35VB - E1 , refer to the service manual OB385. •As for indoor uni



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