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NOTE: The control panel features a sensitive surface that responds to a light touch of your finger. To ensure your selections are registered, touch the control panel with your finger tip, not your fingernail. When selecting a setting or option, simply touch its name until the desired section is illuminated.

  1. POWER Touch to turn the washer on and off. Touch to stop/cancel a cycle at any time.
  2. WASH CYCLE KNOB Use the Wash Cycle knob to select available cycles on your washer. Turn the knob to select a cycle for your laundry load. See “Cycle Guide” for detailed descriptions.
  3. ESTIMATED CYCLE TIME The Estimated Cycle Time display shows the time required for the cycle to complete. Factors such as load size and water pressure may affect the time shown in the display. Overloading, unbalanced loads, or excessive suds may cause the washer to adjust the cycle time, as well.
  4. DELAY START Use “+” and “–” to delay the start of the wash cycle by up to 12 hours. To turn off Delay Start, use “+” and “–” to set the delay time to “0,” or touch POWER.
  5. START/PAUSE BUTTON Touch and hold the Start/Pause button for up to 3 seconds or until the washer starts to begin the selected cycle; touch again to pause a cycle. NOTE: If the washer is spinning, it may take several minutes to unlock the lid. 1 2 3 4 5
  6. CYCLE MODIFIERS The following options may be added to most cycles. TEMPERATURE Wash temperature senses and maintains uniform water temperatures by regulating incoming hot and cold water. Select a wash temperature based on the type of fabric and soils being washed. For best results and following the garment label instructions, use the warmest wash water safe for your fabric.
  • On some models and cycles, warm and hot water may be cooler than your previous washer.
  • Even in a cold and cool water wash, some warm water may be added to the washer to maintain a minimum temperature.


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