HBD 5515 W UK Hotpoint First Edition HBD 5515 W Fridge Freezer - White - Use Manual

HBD 5515 W UK Hotpoint First Edition HBD 5515 W Fridge Freezer - White - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF download or read online.

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Operating Instructions
Installation, 2-4 Positioning and connection Door reversal
RFA52 xx NRFAA50 x NRFAA50 x AFAA 52 x AI
Maintenance and care, 8 Switching the appliance off Cleaning the appliance Avoiding mould and unpleasant odours Replacing the light bulb
Precautions and tips, 9 General safety Disposal Respecting and conserving the environment

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Description of the appliance, 5 Overall view
Start-up and use, 6-7 Starting the appliance Using the refrigerator to its full potential Using the freezer to its full potential
Troubleshooting, 10
Guarantee, 11
After Sales Service,12
! Before placing your new appliance into operation please
Your appliance is supplied with a 13amp fused plug that read these operating instructions carefully. They contain can be plugged into a 13amp socket for immediate use. important information for safe use, for installation and for
Before using the appliance please read the instructions care of the appliance.
! Please keep these operating instructions for future reference. Pass them on to possible new owners of the appliance.
Positioning and connection
Replacing fuse covers: When replacing a faulty fuse, a 13amp ASTA approved Positioning fuse to BS 1362 should always be used and the fuse 1. Place the appliance in a well-ventilated humidity-free cover re-fitted. room.
If the fuse cover is lost, the plug must not be used until a 2. Do not obstruct the rear fan grills. The compressor and replacement is obtained. condenser give off heat and require good ventilation to operate correctly and save energy. 3. Leave a space of at least 10 cm between the top part of the appliance and any furniture above it, and at least 5 cm between the sides and any furniture/side walls. 4. Ensure the appliance is away from any sources of heat
Replacement fuse covers: If a replacement fuse cover is fitted, it must be of the correct colour as indicated by the

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Use Guide HBD 5515 W UK Hotpoint First Edition HBD 5515 W Fridge Freezer - White - Use Manual PDF.

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