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User Guide  Russell Hobbs 24404 Kettle


  •  Put the stand on a stable, level surface.
  • Plug the stand into the wall socket.
  • Put the kettle on the stand.
  •  Move the switch to I.
  • The light will come on and the kettle will start to heat up.
  • When the water boils the kettle will switch off.
  • To switch off manually, move the switch to O, or simply lift the kettle off the stand.


  • If your kettle boils dry, a safety cut-out device will automatically switch it off.
  • If this happens, unplug your kettle and allow it to cool down until the cut-out resets itself. Allowing your kettle to boil dry will shorten the life of the element.


  •  Unplug the stand and let the kettle cool before cleaning.
  •  Wipe all surfaces with a clean damp cloth.
  •  Open the lid.
  • Put a finger into the spout, and press on the centre of the filter to push it into the body of the kettle.
  •  Lift or tip it out of the kettle.
  • Rinse the filter under a running tap while brushing with a soft brush.
  • Fit the bottom of the filter into the guides at the bottom of the spout.
  • From inside the kettle, press the filter into the spout.
  •  Close the lid.


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