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Philips 58PUS8105/12 4K UHD LED Smart TV - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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User Manual TV Philips 58PUS8105/12

Table of Contents

  • Get Support
  • Software
  • Quick Guide
  • Setting Up
  • Connections
  • Switch Source
  • Channels
  • TV Guide
  • Freeview Play (for UK models)
  • Recording and Pause TV 
  • Videos, Photos and Music
  • Open TV Setting Menus
  • Wireless and Networks
  • Open Source
  • Disclaimer regarding services and/or software offered by third parties
  • Index

Turn on TV

Connect Power Cable

  • Insert the power cable into the POWER connector on the back of the TV.
  • Make sure the power cable is securely inserted in the connector.
  • Make sure that the power plug, in the wall socket, is accessible at all times.
  • When you unplug the power cable, always pull the plug, never pull the cable.
  • Although this TV has a very low standby power consumption, unplug the power cable to save energy if you do not use the TV for a long period of time.

On or Standby

  • Before you switch on the TV, make sure you plugged in the mains power in the POWER connector on the back of the TV.

Switch On

  • Press the small joystick key on the bottom of the TV.
  • Switch to standby
  • To switch the TV to stand by press on the remote control. You can also press the small joystick key on the bottom of the TV.
  • In standby mode, the TV is still connected to the mains power but consumes very little energy.
  • To switch off the TV completely, disconnect the power plug.
  • When disconnecting the power plug, always pull the power plug, never the cord. Ensure that you have full access to the power plug, power cord and outlet socket at all times.

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Philips in United States

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Philips 58PUS8105/12 Questions and Answers

Why is the screen flickering or flashing during gaming mode?
While gaming, one of the following symptoms appears on the TV screen:
The image content is flashing
The image content is flickering
Pixels are intermittently flashing

Why my TV reverts its picture or audio settings to default after some time?
Please make sure that the TV is not switched to shop mode. One of the shop mode characteristics is that the TV will automatically revert its Picture / Audio settings to a set of predefined values. The TV does this to ensure it is running with optimal settings during its exhibition in the shop.
To check or change the mode go to:
[General settings]> [Location]> [Home/Shop]

Why is the TV not reacting to certain RC buttons anymore all of a sudden?
One of the following might occur:
The TV suddenly stops responding to certain remote control commands.
It’s not always possible to open the channel list with the OK button.
Furthermore, you may have noticed that the behaviour is related to certain channels, or if HbbTV is enabled on the current channel or not.
This is normal behaviour on channels that offer HbbTV.
As soon as the HbbTV application is loaded, certain buttons can be consumed by the HbbTV application and will therefore lose its original function as long as the TV remains on the current channel (or until HbbTV is disabled via the settings or options menu).
Hence, since the HbbTV application will usually need a few seconds to be launched after switching to the affected channel(s), you may detect that the OK button is still working for a few seconds until the HbbTV application is fully loaded in the background.
The possible workarounds are:
To switch to a different channel (without HbbTV) and launch the list.
To disable HbbTV for the currently selected channel (if not used).
To turn HbbTV off completely in the TV settings (to not use HbbTV at all).

We have a table of width 90cm. Will this be sufficient considering the stand width?
Yes but will only leave 10cm stand is 80cm wide

Does this have 2.1 hdmi port for 4k resolution on console?
No this TV does not have HDMI 2.1, it has a 4k resolution but only at a 50Hz refresh rate.

Is the screen’s feet height adjustable?
No, feet height is not adjustable.



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