Musical Fidelity MUFIM6SCDBK M6S Black CD Player M6SCDBK

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Instructions for use
Thank you for purchasing the Musical Fidelity M6SCD player.
The M6SCD consists of a top quality CD loading mechanism with unsurpassed playability and a top quality up-
sampling 32 bit digital-to-analogue converter. This moves the digital artefacts to well outside the audio band, allowing
easy removal without detriment to the top end of the audio band. Our well tuned filtering circuit gives immeasurably
small jitter, noise and distortion artefacts allowing astounding imaging, detail and transparency, to deliver all music
types exactly as the artist originally intended.
The M6SCD is also useable as a top quality DAC for other digital sources. It features separately selectable SPDIF
and optical inputs to allow other digital sources such as DAB radio, Minidisk, DAT etc. to take advantage of the top
quality up-sampling digital to analogue conversion circuits within. This will also free up analogue inputs on the
following amplifier and obtain the absolute best in audio quality from the digital source. There is also a separately
selectable USB input which can be used with any USB equipped computer to create a great sounding multimedia
jukebox capable of many hours continuous and unrepeated playback of audio media files of any format. As the signal
is sent through the same up-sampling process as before; the sound quality is immensely improved over the poor
quality output of the computer’s analogue circuits.
The M6SCD is designed to be partnered with present and future M6S series products. This combination yields one of
the best high-fidelity systems available at any price.
Used properly and carefully, it should give many years of outstanding musical reproduction.
Dust regularly with a soft duster or soft brush, but be careful when using cleaning or polishing agents - they may
harm the surface finish.
If there are any questions about the audio system, please consult the dealer who is there to help and advise.
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