Use Manual VIZIO M65-F0 M-Series™ 65" Class 4K HDR Smart TV

VIZIO M65-F0 M-Series™ 65" Class 4K HDR Smart TV - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF download or read online.

User manual TV VIZIO M65-F0

Table of contents

  • Completing The First-Time Setup
  • Using the On-Screen Menu
  • Navigating the On-Screen Menu
  • Changing the Input Source
  • Changing the Screen Aspect Ratio
  • Adjusting the Picture Settings
  • Adjusting More Picture Settings
  • Adjusting the Color Temperature
  • Adjusting the Picture Mode Edit Settings
  • Saving a Custom Picture Mode
  • Locking/Unlocking a Custom Picture Mode
  • Deleting a Custom Picture Mode
  • Resetting a Picture Mode
  • Adjusting the Color Tuner Settings
  • Adjusting the Audio Settings
  • Adjusting the network Settings
  • Setting Timers
  • Setting the Timer
  • Setting the Auto Power Off Feature
  • Using the Blank Screen Feature
  • Setting Up Channels
  • Scanning for Channels
  • Skipping Channels
  • Listening to Alternate Audio
  • Changing the Analog Audio Language
  • Parental controls
  • Using Parental Controls
  • Enabling or Disabling Program Ratings
  • Locking and Unlocking Channels
  • Blocking and Unblocking Content by Rating
  • Setting Up Closed Captioning
  • Changing the Appearance of Digital Closed Captions
  • Renaming Devices on the Input Menu
  • Changing the TV Settings
  • Viewing System Information
  • Changing the On-Screen Menu Language
  • Setting the Time and Local Settings
  • Adjusting the CEC Settings
  • Turning the Power Indicator On or Off
  • Changing the Display Name
  • Using the Reset & Admin Menu
  • Restoring the TV to Factory Default Settings
  • Using the Info Window
  • What is SmartCast TVSM?
  • How to Launch SmartCast TV
  • SmartCast TV
  • Playing USB Media
  • Displaying USB Media
  • Preparing Your USB Drive to Play USB Media
  • Removing the USB Drive from the TV
  • Troubleshooting & Technical Support
  • Specifications
  • Regulatory Information
  • Limited Warranty
  • Legal Information

Help topics

The remote is not responding.

  • Make sure the batteries are properly inserted matching the - and + symbols.
  • Replace the batteries with fresh ones.

The TV displays “No Signal.”

  • Press INPUT button on the remote control to select a different input source.
  • If you are using cable TV or antenna connected directly to the TV, scan for channels. See Scanning for Channels.

There is no power.

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Series: M-Series

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