User Manual Haier HC33SW20RB 18 Inch Compact Refrigerator

Haier HC33SW20RB 18 Inch Compact Refrigerator - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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  • Owner's manual - (English, Spanish)

User Manual Refrigerator / Freezer Haier HC33SW20RB

Table of contents

  • Unpacking Your Refrigerator
  • Leveling Your Refrigerator
  • Proper Air Circulation
  • Reversing the Door
  • Door Alignment
  • Electrical Requirements
  • Use of Extension Cord
  • Installation Limitations
  • General Features
  • Refrigerator Interior Shelves
  • Food Storage Information
  • Normal Operating Sounds
  • Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Defrost
  • Power Interruptions
  • Vacation and Moving Care
  • Energy Saving Tips

Normal Operating Sounds You May Hear

  • Boiling water, gurgling sounds or slight vibrations that are the result of the refrigerant circulating through the cooling coils.
  • The thermostat control will click when it cycles on and off.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Maintenance: Risk of Fire or Explosion. Flammable refrigerant used. Do not puncture refrigerant tubing. To be repaired only by trained authorized service personnel. Consult Repair Manual before attempting to service this product. All Safety Precautions Must be followed. Component parts shall be replaced with like components to minimize the risk of possible ignition due to incorrect parts or improper service.

Power Interruptions

  • Occasionally there may be power interruptions due to thunderstorms or other causes. Remove the power cord from wall outlet when a power outage occurs. When power has been restored, replug power cord to wall outlet. If outage is for a prolonged period, inspect and discard spoiled or thawed food in freezer and refrigerator. Clean refrigerator before reusing

Energy Saving Tips

  • The refrigerater should be located in the coolest area of the room, away from heat-producing appliances or heating ducts, and out of direct sunlight.
  • Let hot foods cool to room temperature before placing in the refrigerator. Overloading the refrigerator forces the compressor to run longer and thus increases energy consumption. Foods that refrigerate too slowly may lose quality or spoil.
  • Be sure to wrap foods properly, and wipe containers dry before placing in the refrigerator.
  • The shelves should not be lined with aluminum foil, wax paper, or paper towels. Liners interfere with cold air circulation, making the refrigerator less efficient.
  • Organize food to reduce door openings and extended searches. Remove as many items as needed at one time, and close the door as soon as possible


Refrigerator does not operate:

  • Check if thermostat control is not in the “0” position.
  • Check if refrigerator is plugged in.
  •  Check if there is power at the wall outlet, by checking the circuit breaker.

Food temperature appears too warm:

  •  Frequent door openings. 
  • Allow time for recently added warm food to reach fresh food temperature.
  • Check gaskets for proper seal.
  • Adjust temperature control to colder setting.

Food temperature is too cold:

  • If temperature control setting is too cold, adjust to a warmer setting and allow several hours for temperature to adjust.

Refrigerator runs too frequently:

  • This may be normal to maintain constant temperature during high temperature and humid days.
  • Doors may have been opened frequently or for an extended period of time.
  • Check gasket for proper seal.
  • Check to see if doors are completely closed


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Haier HC33SW20RB Questions and Answers

How many amps or watts does it draw?
Running amps is 1.3A; Start up amps is 4.5A.

Does the refrigerator have an interior light?
No, this model does not have an interior light.

How much does the unit weigh?
The refrigerator weighs approximately 40 lbs.
The box states 49.5 Lbs. boxed and 42.9 Lbs. as the unit weight.