User Manual Bosch BBH3251GB Series 4 Rechargeable vacuum cleaner Flexxo 25.2V

Bosch BBH3251GB Series 4 Rechargeable vacuum cleaner Flexxo 25.2V - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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User Manual
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  • Product spec sheet - (English)
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Instruction manual vacuum cleaner

Your vacuum cleaner

  1. Floor nozzle with electric brush
  2. Brush roller release button
  3. Dust container
  4. Outer filter unit
  5. Filter cartridge with motor protection filter and foam filter
  6. Motor unit
  7. Extendable crevice nozzle*
  8. Combination nozzle*
  9. Hand stick handle
  10. Hand stick sliding switch
  11. Accessory holder for extendable crevice nozzle
  12. Accessory compartment for combination nozzle
  13. Floor nozzle release button
  14. Hand-held cordless vacuum cleaner release button
  15. Hand-held cordless vacuum cleaner handle
  16. Hand-held cordless vacuum cleaner sliding switch
  17. Battery charging status indicator
  18. Dust container release button
  19. Charging cable*
  20. Brush roller

Before using the appliance for the first time

  • Open the accessory compartment and remove the combination nozzle.
  • Carefully place the handle onto the main housing and screw it into place.
  • Place the combination nozzle in the accessory compartment and close it.
  • Plug the hand stick into the floor nozzle and lock it into place.
  • To release the floor nozzle, press the release button and pull the hand stick out of the nozzle.


Caution: Before using the vacuum cleaner for the first time, fully charge the batteries.

To charge the appliance, only use the charging cable included with the appliance. The charging cable must only be connected and operated as specified on the rating plate. Do not charge the appliance at temperatures below 0 °C or above 40 °C.

  • To charge the vacuum cleaner, place it near to a socket. The appliance can be left standing anywhere on the floor. Fig. 6
  • Plug the charging cable into the connection at the rear of the appliance. Plug the charging cable plug into the socket.
  • The charging indicator is flashing slowly in white when the appliance is charging.
  • Once the battery is fully charged, the charging indicator lights up white and goes out after a few minutes. The battery will stop charging. Disconnect the appliance from the mains briefly to check. The indicator will then light up white again.
  • It is safe to leave the appliance connected to the charging cable and socket even when it is fully charged.
  • It is normal for the charging cable and hand stick to become hot and this is not a cause for concern.

Battery state indicator

Operating status

LED indicator

Normal modeWhite LED lit
Battery capacity below 20%Red LED flashing slowly
Battery flatLED off
ChargingWhite LED flashing slowly
Battery is fully chargedWhite LED remains lit continuously for 2 minutes, then goes out
Over-/undertemperature protectionRed LED remains lit continuously for 10 seconds, then goes out

Using the hand stick vacuum cleaner


  • Actuate the sliding switch in the direction of the arrow.

Controlling the suction level

Slide the sliding switch into the required position in order to set the suction power:

  • Position 1: Vacuuming with the electric brush switched on. For routine cleaning tasks on all surfaces. The appliance achieves the maximum run time at this level.
  • Position 2: Vacuuming with the electric brush switched on. For stubborn cleaning tasks on all surfaces (carpets, in particular). The appliance achieves a shorter runtime at this level.


Like every other Li-Ion battery the battery is subject to natural wear as well. That means the battery capacity and thus runtime decrease over time. This is a natural aging process and not the result of a material/ production failure or a product defect

BBH3/BCH3 25,2VBBH3/BCH3 21,6V
On normal mode with electrical nozzle for normal cleaning tasksUp to 55 minUp to 50 min.
Turbo mode with electrical floor nozzle or hand-held for demanding cleaning tasksUp to 20 min.Up to 18 min.
  • During short pauses in vacuuming, the appliance can be left standing anywhere in the room. To do this, tilt the vacuum cleaner forwards slightly in the direction of the nozzle.

Caution: When the appliance is left standing, it must be switched off because, if the brush is turning while the appliance is standing still, it could cause damage to the floor covering.

Using the hand-held cordless vacuum cleaner

  • Unlock the hand-held cordless vacuum cleaner by pressing the release button and remove it from the hand stick.

Vacuuming with accessories