Use Manual Bosch SKS62E32EU 55 cm Serie 4 Free-standing Compact Dishwasher

Bosch SKS62E32EU 55 cm Serie 4 Free-standing Compact Dishwasher - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF download or read online.

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User manual Dishwasher for Bosch SKS62E32EU

Table of contents

  • Safety
  • General information
  • Intended use
  • Restriction on user group
  • Safe installation
  • Safe use
  • Damaged appliance
  • Risk to children
  • Safety systems
  • Preventing material damage
  • Safe installation
  • Safe use
  • Childproof lock
  • Door lock
  • Environmental protection and
  • saving energy
  • Disposing of packaging
  • Saving energy
  • AquaSensor
  • Installation and connection
  • Scope of supply
  • Controls
  • Programmes
  • Information for test institutes
  • Additional functions
  • Features
  • Basket
  • Cutlery basket
  • Folding prongs
  • Height of tableware
  • Before using for the first time
  • Performing initial start-up
  • Setting a programme
  • Setting additional functions
  • Setting timer programming
  • Starting the programme

Installing the drinking water connection

  • Note: If you are replacing the appli- ance, you must use a new water sup- ply hose.
  • Consult the installation instructions supplied for the steps required here.
  • Connect the appliance to the drink- ing water connection using the en- closed parts.
  • When doing so, check that the drinking water connection is not kinked, crushed or twisted.

Connecting the appliance to the electricity supply

  • Insert the non-heating appliance plug of the power cable into the appliance.
  • Insert the mains plug of the appli- ance into a nearby socket. The connection data for the appli- ance can be found on the rating plate.
  • Check that the mains plug is inser- ted properly.

Water softening system

Hard water leaves limescale on the tub and tableware and parts of the appliance may become blocked. To ensure good dishwashing results, you can treat the water with special salt and the water softening system. To avoid damage to the appliance, water with a hardness above 9 °E must be softened.

Information on detergents

Follow the instructions on detergents in everyday use.

  • Detergents marked as "organic" or "ecological" (environmentally friendly) generally contain lower levels of active agents or com- pletely dispense with certain sub- stances. The cleaning effect may be restrict


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