Use Manual Bosch MHA133BR0B Serie 2 Built-in double Oven Stainless steel

Bosch MHA133BR0B Serie 2 Built-in double Oven Stainless steel - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF download or read online.

User manual and installation instructions Double oven Bosch MHA133BR0B

Table of contents

  •  Safety
  • Preventing material damage
  • Environmental protection and saving energy
  • Familiarising yourself with your appliance
  • Accessories
  •  Before using for the first time
  • Basic operation
  • Time-setting options
  • Childproof lock
  • Cleaning and servicing
  • Shelf supports
  • Appliance door
  •  Troubleshooting
  •  Disposal
  • Customer Service
  • How it works
  • Installation instructions
  • General installation instructions

Suitable cleaning agents

Only use cleaning agents that are suitable for the different surfaces on your appliance.

  • Do not use harsh or abrasive cleaning products.
  • Do not use cleaning products with a high alcohol content.
  • Do not use hard scouring pads or cleaning sponges.
  •  Do not use any special cleaners for cleaning the appliance while it is hot. Using oven cleaner in a hot cooking compartment damages the enamel.
  •  Never use oven cleaner in the cooking compartment when it is still warm.
  • Remove all food remnants from the cooking compartment and the appliance door before you next heat up the appliance. New sponge cloths contain residues from production.
  • Wash new sponge cloths thoroughly before use


The appliance is not working.

  • The circuit breaker is faulty: Check the circuit breaker in the fuse box.
  • There has been a power cut; Check whether the lighting in your kitchen or other appliances are working.

The appliance does not switch off fully at the end of a cooking time.

At the end of a cooking time, the appliance stops heating up. The oven light and cooling fan do not switch off. For types of heating with recirculation, the fan continues to run in the back wall of the cooking compartment.

  • Turn the function selector to the off position.
  •  The appliance is switched off.
  •  The oven light and the fan in the back wall are switched off. a The cooling fan switches off automatically as soon as the appliance has cooled down.

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Series: Serie 2

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Bosch MHA133BR0B Questions and Answers

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I previously asked question re cleaning above the grilling element. Can you advise me how to clean this successfully as the burnt-on fat from the grill is getting worse. Overall pleased with oven, but cleaning is a nightmare.
This would involve removing the full grill element to clean the roof. We would advise to clean around this area where possible.

What is the difference between the MHA133BR0B and the MHS133BR0B to justify the massive price difference?

MHS133BR0B has the slim size universal pan whereas model MHA133BR0B does not.

I have just started using this oven. When you have something to cook that says 180/350 degrees, which one do you use.? Is this a fan oven, as I didn't order it myslf?
The main oven on this appliance is a fan oven. We are in the UK so we use Degree Celsius (°C) and our machines work with Degree Celsius as the temperature options.
The 350 that you're seeing would be degrees Fahrenheit.

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