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Assembly and operating instructions Traveling Sprinkler

Sprinkler assembly

  • Begin by inserting the black plastic T into the top of the sprinkler. Twist the long silver spray arms into the T, tightening the black rings until the spray arms are held securely in place.

Positioning the arms

  • Positioning the spray arms correctly will ensure proper operation of your sprinkler. Move each spray arm individually to adjust watering diameter from a minimum of 15 feet to 55 feet.

  • For narrow spray coverage, move the arms so they are pointing slightly downward.

  • For wide spray coverage, move the arms so they are pointing upward approximately 30 degrees.

  • For windy conditions, move the arms to a horizontal position.

  • Pointing the arms too far downward will cause the arms to become stuck and immobilize the sprinkler

Setting up the hose

  • Lay up to 200 feet of 5/8” hose in any pattern you select on lawn that is fully grown–the sprinkler may not work on new or recently seeded lawns. Begin by creating at least a three-foot loop with the end of the hose to prevent pinching when connecting to the sprinkler. Do not create sharp turns in the hose pattern.

Positioning the shut-off ramp

  • The shut-off ramp may be used at any point along the hose pattern to stop the sprinkler. Place the automatic shut-off ramp over the hose where you want the sprinkler to stop, ensuring a minimum of 5 feet of straight hose on either end of the ramp.

Hooking up the sprinkler

  • Set the sprinkler on the hose so that the front tire is on the hose and the back wheels are on either side. Make sure the sprinkler is facing the direction you would like it to go. Hook up the hose to the rear of the sprinkler.

Setting the sprinkler’s speed

  • Select a traveling speed by pulling up on and rotating the dial on the top of the sprinkler. The sprinkler will travel from 0 to 37 feet per hour based on setting.
    • High: Select this speed for faster movement and light watering
    • Low: Select this speed for slower movement and heavier watering
    • Neutral: Select this speed for no movement; the sprinkler will remain stationary and water a designated area.

Running the sprinkler

Pull out the stopper underneath the sprinkler between the back wheels and turn on the water supply. The sprinkler will move at the speed indicated along the hose track, stopping when its shut-off plunger contacts the ramp stop.

Stopping the sprinkler

  • When the sprinkler comes in contact with the shut-off ramp, the incline causes the stopper to be pushed up, stopping the sprinkler.

Moving the sprinkler

  • Before repositioning the hose and moving the sprinkler to another part of the lawn, be sure to turn off the water first. Eliminate excess pressure from the hose and pull the sprinkler’s stopper back out before beginning again in a new area. It will be very difficult to move the stopper back down if water pressure remains in the hose.

Cleaning up

  • To keep the Orbit® Heavy-Duty Traveling Sprinkler operating within peak parameters, be sure that the filter washer at the hose coupling and the spray arms remain clean and unblocked. Consistently drain the sprinkler after each use by standing it on end for at least five minutes to ensure all water is eliminated from the sprinkler’s interior.

Preventing sprinkler damage

  • Use caution when picking up and moving the sprinkler–dropping it could potentially result in damage to the sprinkler or its parts. Do not force the sprinkler to move faster or slower along the track while it is in operation. Do not let the sprinkler become mired in thick grass or mud. Be sure there are no objects blocking the path of the sprinkler. The sprinkler is designed to move across grass only–never attempt to use the sprinkler on concrete driveways, sidewalks, or other hard surfaces. Doing so may result in severe damage to the motor assembly.



1. We have a orbit tractor sprinkler that won't move. where can we get it repaired?

  • YES... You can purchase a new "Motor", which is the drive/propulsion portion of the sprinkler, and comes with "the gear drive" and the big wheels, and is held in plate with 4 screws - Its an easy DIY job... However. Was it working, then quit? If so, how much hose did you having it pull?... I have found that these units will NOT PULL the100 feet they say it will. So cut back on your lengths you set up... And. Did you accidently move that lever on its topside to the "no move" position?

2. My orbit is traveling backwards, why?

  • You have the wands pointed in the opposite direction they need to be. Rotate them to point the opposite and it should go forward.

3. I was given an orbit, why is it going backwards?

  • You probably just have the arms pointed the wrong way. To travel forward the angled part of the arm should be pointed such that the arms spin in the clockwise direction when looking down on the sprinkler.

4. How to engage this sprinkler?

  • Begin with laying out the hose, the hose will act as the track the sprinkler will follow. Connect the water hose to the back of the tracker and set the front wheel over the hose. The hose will feed the water through the sprinkler and propel the tracker forward. The sprinkler comes with (3) speeds and will need to be selected prior to turning on the water. The green base pictured in the photo attaches to the hose along the track. When the tracker runs over the base, a button at the bottom will be triggered, stopping the water and movement of the tractor.

5. Where to buy replacement parts orbit 58322

  • I would suggest contacting Orbit customer service 800-488-6156 or I'm sorry but, i'm not aware of any retailers that sell parts for the sprinkler. Fortunately, ours is still operating good as new (knock on wood)

6. I am concerned about the gears being metal, not the gear box being metal. the actual gears are metal?

  • The gears are not metal and with heavy use by me after 6 weeks the gears started jumping and it no longer moves. This would be a great product if it had brass or other gearing that lasted longer.. That being said they have excellent customer service and are sending me out a new one once they get them back in stock.

7. Has anyone used the stainless steel hose for this?

  • The heavier the hose the more difficult it is for the tractor to pull. I use a cloth hose and the standard rubber green hose, preferring the cloth hose. If the hose is heavy and inflexible you may want to watch your water bill as it will swamp your yard. The tractor moves by force of the water and weight of the hose. The hose lays the path for the tractor to follow. If the stainless steel hose is light and flexible then no issues "o)

8. Will it work if 2 hoses are connected or will it get stuck at the point of connection ?

  • We use 3/4" hose and as long as the connection point is straight it works fine. The secret is making sure the connection is straight so the tractor doesn't have to try and maneuver a bent hose or connection point.

9. My Orbit sprinkler wheels are locked unless in the Neutral position. Is this a defect or is there any trouble shooting to get them spinning?

  • When it is not in neutral it is "in gear". While in gear the wheels only turn via water pressure going through the system. They will not turn freely when not hooked up to water. When you are hooked up to water pressure at low speed, it appears the wheels are not turning at all. Low speed is so slow that you have to watch it for several minutes to detect any movement from a reference point.

10. Arms move normally, but tractor does not travel. wheels are unlocked. tractor just does not move fwd or bckwd. any ideas?

  • The only thing that I would check is when it is all hooked up and the water is off. Check the auto-stop shut off pin under the tractor located just forward the wheels. In order to operate and travel that shutoff pin must be pulled down and releases all the gears. I had that problem before and it took me awhile to figure it out.

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Specs Sheet

  • Weight: 15.84 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 19 x 7 x 7 inches
  • Coverage : 500 sq. ft. on 200 feet of hose
  • Adjustable Coverage: 15-55 ft. diameter
  • Connection: ¾-inch inlet standard hose faucet
  • Operating Pressure: 10-100 PSI
  • Speed Adjustment: Low, High, Neutral
  • Material: Cast Iron

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Orbit 58322 Questions and Answers

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#1 Will this move over straw? I have a freshly seeded yard with
That depends on how thick the straw is. The spikes in the
wheels will dig through if the straw is lightly applied, while
thick straw may cause the wheels to slip some.

#2 How much does it weigh?
The sprinkler itself weighs about 16 pounds. The body is
iron-cast, so it's pretty durable and heavy-duty.

#3 It's soooo slow. Are there any modifications that can make
it move faster than 37' per hour?
The 37 feet-per-hour speed is the fastest that this sprinkler
is built to go. The speed was set in this manner to ensure
that the entire area being sprayed gets enough water at the
roots, keeping your lawn and plants green and healthy.

#4 Does this product contain lead?
I believe it has lead to help weight it down but not where
water connects.

#5 Can I use cloth hose ( not expandable ) with traveling sprinkler?
Yes, that should be compatible with our Travelling sprinkler.

#6 Can the spinkler head be change to spray oscillating sprinkler head?
No, there is only one set of nozzles that work with our Orbit traveling sprinkler.