User Manual Craftsman CMXGMAM1125501 M210 140-cc 21-in Self-propelled Gas Lawn Mower with Briggs & Stratton Engine

Craftsman CMXGMAM1125501 M210 140-cc 21-in Self-propelled Gas Lawn Mower with Briggs & Stratton Engine - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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User Guide Lawn Mower


IMPORTANT: This unit is shipped without gasoline or oil in the engine. Be certain to service engine with gasoline and oil as instructed in the Operation section of the Engine Manual before starting or running your machine.

NOTE: Reference to right and left hand side of the Lawn Mower is observed from the operating position.

Opening Carton

  1. Cut each corner of the carton vertically from top to bottom.
  2. Remove all loose parts.
  3. Remove loose packing material.

Removing Unit From Carton

  1. Lift unit from the rear to detach it from underlying carton material and roll unit out of carton.
  2. Check carton thoroughly for any other loose parts.

Loose Parts In Carton

  • Grass Catcher
  • Side Discharge Cover
  • Engine Oil

Handle Setup

1. Remove any packing material which may be between upper and lower handles

2. Perform one of the following according to handles shown in Figure 1 or Figure 2:

a. Handles with Knob and Carriage Bolts - Remove knob and carriage bolts. Do not loosen or remove adjacent hex head screws. See Figure 1.

b. EZ-Fold Handles - The EZ-Fold handle release levers are shipped in the unlocked positions. See Figure 2. Proceed to Step 3.

3. While stabilizing mower so it doesn’t move, lift the upper handle up as shown in Figure 3. Do not crimp cable while lifting the handle up.

NOTE: EZ-Fold handles only - When lifting the upper handle ensure the position indicator aligns with one of three handle positions. See Figure 3 inset.

4. Perform one of the following to secure the upper handle to the lower handle:

a. Handles with Knob and Carriage Bolts - Reattach knobs and carriage bolts removed in Step 2a into lower holes of handle. See Figure 4.

b. EZ-Fold Handles - Place the release levers in the locked position. See Figure 5.

5. Remove T-bolts from the handle brackets as shown in Figure 6.

6. Follow the steps below to complete handle assembly:

a. Pull upward on the handle until holes in lower handle (shown in Figure 6 deck cutaway) line up with holes in handle bracket. See Figure 7.

NOTE: When pulling upward on handle, make sure to not pull handle all the way out.

b. Insert the T-bolts removed in Step 2 through the handle brackets and lower handle and tighten securely to secure the handle in place. See Figure 7.

7. The rope guide is attached to the right side of the upper handle. Loosen the wing knob which secures the rope guide. Refer to Figure 8.

a. Hold blade control against upper handle.

b. Slowly pull starter rope handle from engine and slip starter rope into the rope guide. See Figure 8.

c. Tighten rope guide wing knob.

d. Use cable ties provided to secure blade control and drive cables to lower handle as shown in Figure 8.

IMPORTANT: To reduce wear and allow for proper operation, make sure to leave some slack in the upper portion of the cable(s).

Attaching the Grass Catcher

1. Follow steps below to assemble the grass catcher. Make certain bag is turned right side out before assembling (warning label will be on the outside).

a. Place bag over frame so that its black plastic side is at the bottom.

b. Slip plastic channel of grass bag over hooks on the frame. See Figure 9.

2. Follow steps below to attach grass catcher:

a. Lift rear discharge door.

b. Place grass catcher into the slots in the handle brackets as shown in Figure 10. Let go of discharge door so that it rests on the grass catcher.

To remove grass catcher, lift rear discharge door on the mower. Lift grass catcher up and off the slots in the handle brackets. Release rear discharge door to allow it to close rear opening of mower.

Attaching Side Discharge Cover

Your mower is shipped as a mulcher. To convert to side discharge, make sure grass catcher is off of the unit and rear discharge door is closed.

  1. On the side of the mower, lift the mulch cover. See Figure 11.
  2. Slide two hooks of side discharge cover under hinge pin on mulching cover assembly. Lower mulching cover. Do not remove side mulching cover at any time, even when you are not mulching.

Installing/Removing Battery Pack (if equipped)

NOTE: To ensure maximum performance and life of lithium-ion battery packs, charge the battery fully before first use.

IMPORTANT: Refer to instructional manual supplied with battery charger for charging, maintenance and battery disposal instructions.

  1. To install the battery pack perform the following.
    1. Lift the battery box cover.
    2. Insert the battery pack into the battery box. An audible “click” will be heard when the battery is properly connected.
    3. Close the battery box cover.
  2. To remove the battery perform the following.
    1. Lift the battery box cover.
    2. Press the battery pack release button.
    3. Pull the battery pack from the battery box.
    4. Close the battery box cover.


Cutting Height

There is a cutting height adjustment lever located above the front and rear right wheel.

  1. Pull the height adjustment lever outward towards wheel (unit will tend to fall when lever is moved outward)
  2. Move lever to desired position for a change in cutting height. See Figure 13.
  3. Release lever towards deck.

IMPORTANT: All wheels must be placed in the same position. For rough or uneven lawns, move each height adjustment lever to a higher position. This will prevent you from cutting the grass too close to the ground.

Handle Pitch (If Equipped)

For convenience of operation, you may adjust the pitch of the handle. Perform one of the following:

1. Handles with Knobs and Carage Bolts. See Figure 14 -

  1. Remove wing nuts and carriage bolts from handle. b. Position the handle in one of the three positions that is most comfortable. See Figure 14 inset.
  2. Secure into position with wing nuts and carriage bolts removed in Step 1.

2. EZ-Fold Handles. See Figure 15

  1. Place the release levers in the unlocked positions.
  2. Move the upper handle to align the position indicator with the most comfortable of the three handle positions.
  3. Place the release levers in the locked positions.

Drive Control (If Equipped)

The adjustment wheel is located in the drive control handle housing and is used to tighten or loosen the drive belt. You will need to adjust the drive control if the mower does not propel itself with the drive control engaged or if the mower’s wheels hesitate with the drive control engaged. If either of these conditions occur, rotate adjustment wheel clockwise to tighten cable or counterclockwise to loosen the cable. See Figure 16 or Figure 17.