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Euromaid 5kg/4.5kg Laundry Package WM5PROED45KG - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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  • Owner's manual - (English)
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  • WM5PROED45KG - Euromaid - Specifications Sheet - (English)
  • WM5PROED45KG - Euromaid - User Manual - (English)

Review the following pages before calling for service.
Possible Cause
• Is the power cord inserted firmly?
What to do
• Insert the power cord firmly.

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Problem Timer knob does not turn Drum does not turn
• Is the door closed?
• Is the power cord inserted?
• Does the receptacle have power?
• Close the door.
• Insert the power cord firmly.
• Check the power cord receptacle. | • Set the timer to hot air.
Hot air is not blowing out The laundry is not thoroughly dried
• Are the front and back filters clogged? ne front and back filters clogged?
• Is there too much laundry in the dryer?
• Clean the filter.
• Reduce the amount of clothes in the dryer.
• Re-dry the items again.
Have it

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