User Manual LG 34WN780-B 34'' Ultrawide Ergo Qhd Ips Hdr Monitor

LG 34WN780-B 34'' Ultrawide Ergo Qhd Ips Hdr Monitor - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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  • Always use genuine LG components to ensure safety and product performance.
  • The product warranty will not cover damage or injury caused by the use of unauthorized components.
  • It is recommended to use the supplied components.
  • If you use generic cables not certified by LG, the screen may not display or there may be image problems.
  • Illustrations in this document represent typical procedures, so they may look different from the actual product.
  • Do not apply foreign substances (oils, lubricants, etc.) to the screw parts when assembling the product. (Doing so may damage the product.)
  • Applying excessive force when tightening screws may cause damage to the monitor. Damage caused in this way will not be covered by the product warranty.
  • Do not carry the monitor upside down by just holding the base. This may cause the monitor to fall off the stand and could result in personal injury.
  • When lifting or moving the monitor, do not touch the monitor screen. The force applied to the monitor screen may cause damage to it.
  • For wave pattern on appearance, unlike the general method of coating, it’s applied to added glittering material in raw material.With no peeled-off appearance, it has good durability. Please use it with confidence because there is no problem in using the product at all

Moving and Lifting the Monitor

When moving or lifting the monitor, follow these instructions to prevent the monitor from being scratched or damaged and to ensure safe transportation, regardless of its shape or size.

  • Place the monitor in the original box or packing material before attempting to move it.
  • Before moving or lifting the monitor, disconnect the power cord and all other cables.
  • Hold the bottom and side of the monitor frame firmly. Do not hold the panel itself.
  • When holding the monitor, the screen should face away from you to prevent

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LG Electronics 34WN780-B Questions and Answers

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Does image sticking occur even when the monitor is turned
- Displaying a still image for a prolonged time may cause
damage to the screen, resulting in the retention of the
- To extend the lifetime of the monitor, use a screensaver.

Are images displayed without sound?
- Make sure that the headphone port connections are
made properly.
- Try increasing the volume with the joystick.
- Set the audio output of the PC to the monitor you are
using. (The settings may differ depending on the
operating system (OS) you use.)

Are there spots on the screen?
When using the monitor, pixilated spots (red, green, blue,
white, or black) may appear on the screen. This is normal
for an LCD screen. It is not an error, nor is it related to the
monitor's performance.

Did you select the appropriate resolution?
- If the selected resolution is HDMI 1080i 60/50 Hz
(interlaced), the screen may be flickering. Change the
resolution to 1080p or the recommended resolution.
- Not setting the graphics card to the recommended
(optimal) resolution may result in blurred text, a dimmed
screen, a truncated display area ormisalignment of the
- The setting methods may be different depending on
the computer or operating system, and some
resolutions may not be available depending on the
performance of the graphics card. If this is the case,
contact the manufacturer of the computer or graphics
card for assistance.

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