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User Manual
  • User Manual - (English, Spanish)



(1) #14 Round Head Screw

(1) 7" Support Rod


DIAL—Rotate the dial to customize your watering schedule

RESET—Press to clear all programming

ENTER/ MANUAL BUTTON—Press to water manually or to clear programming within a specific program < >

BUTTONS—Move cursor to different settings

AUTO—Timer waters according to your customized schedule

SET CLOCK—Set the time of day

SET DAY—Set the day of the week

START TIME—Select what time you would like watering to start

HOW OFTEN—Choose how often you will water

OFF—Turn off all watering


  • 1. Attach manifold to an outdoor hose faucet.
  • 2. Secure manifold to wall using the mounting hardware and instructions provided.
  • 3. Attach up to 4 valves to the manifold outlets (the valves are electronically operated and must be attached to the timer for proper operation). Open fully each of the shut-offs with a valve attached.
  • 4. Connect the wire from each valve to one of the numbered ports on the back of the timer. The numbers 1 through 4 are the “STATIONS” used while programming your timer.
  • 5. Install two AA alkaline batteries into the battery tray (battery tray may be removed by pulling out to the left).

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that the valves are attached to the timer before installing batteries. Once the batteries are installed the timer will immediately begin a start-up sequence. A countdown from 150 down to 0 will begin on the display and will take a few minutes. Your timer can be programmed during the countdown, but the valves cannot be turned on until it is completed.

  • 6. Create your timer program.
  • 7. Slide timer onto a valve mounting bracket.
  • 8. Turn on hose faucet.


  • 1. Attach support rod to manifold by inserting it into the two mounting holes on the back of the manifold.
  • 2. Mark where support rod touches the wall.
  • 3. Drill a pilot hole using a 1/4 in. drill bit.
  • 4. Attach the support rod using the screw provided.


  • 1. Remove the tray on the side of the timer by sliding it out.
  • 2. Insert two AA (1.5V) alkaline batteries (not included) and replace the tray. Low battery icon will appear when batteries need replacing. Replace batteries within 30 seconds or timer programming will be lost.

NOTE: Firmly replace the battery tray to ensure water resistance and increase battery life. You will know the battery tray is fully inserted if it locks in place and does not pull out easily. Used up or dead batteries must be removed from the timer and disposed of properly. Batteries should be removed from the timer at the end of the watering season and replaced with new ones at the beginning of the next watering season. Replace batteries when low battery icon appears on display


Rotate the dial to positions indicated for setup.


  • 1. Turn Dial to SET CLOCK
  • 2. Press the + button to advance clock time (hold button for quick advance). Press the – button to reverse clock time (hold button for quick advance). *Keep in mind am/pm.
  • 3. Press ENTER or turn the knob to accept clock time.


  • 1. Turn Dial to SET DAY
  • 2. Use the < and > buttons to move cursor (blinking line) over current day.
  • 3. Press enter or turn dial to accept the day.


  • 1. Turn Dial to START TIME

Each start time cycles through all watering stations (1, 2, 3, and 4). Cycle A is for if you want to water once a day. Add Cycle B if you want to water two times a day (2 different start times). Add Cycle C if you want to water three times a day (3 different start times).

  • 1. Use < and > buttons to select start time A, B, or C.
  • 2. Press ENTER to edit start time.
  • 3. Use the + and – buttons to set desired start time. * Keep in mind am/pm.
  • 4. Press ENTER to accept the setting.
  • 5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 for B and C if you want to water more than once a day.


  • 1. Use the < and > buttons to move the cursor over cycle letter (A, B, C).
  • 2. Press ENTER to select.
  • 3. Press CLEAR. EXAMPLE: If cycle A is set for 6:00 am, then at 6:00 am your first valve will turn on and run for its duration, then it will turn off and the second station will automatically turn on and run for its duration.


Set watering duration from 1 to 240 minutes for up to 4 stations.

  • 1. Turn Dial to RUN TIME
  • 2. Use the < and > buttons to select the run time for valves stations 1, 2, 3, or 4.
  • 3. Press ENTER after each selected Station. [ ] will appear around the stations selected to water.
  • 4. Press CLEAR to deselect a Station.
  • Or
  • 1. Use the + and – buttons to increase or decrease the number of minutes to water.
  • 2. Press ENTER to accept the setting.
  • 3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each station you would like to water.


Select specific days to water or every 1 to 14 days. All stations and cycles will water on selected days.

  • 1. Turn dial to HOW OFTEN
  • 2. Use the < and > buttons to select which days to water Sunday through Saturday.
  • 3. Press ENTER after each selected day. [_] will appear around days selected to water.
  • 4. Press CLEAR to deselect a day. Or select INTERVAL.

NOTE: 1 is every day, 2 is every other day, ect. up to 14 days

  • 1. Use the + and – buttons to increase and decrease the number of days.
  • 2. Press ENTER to accept the setting.


  • 1. Turn Dial to AUTO Timer waters according to programmed start time(s), run time(s), on the programmed days or interval; this is where you want the dial to have your program run.


Delay watering cycle during precipitation to conserve water.

  • 1. With the dial on AUTO, press the + button to select a delay of 24 hrs, 48 hrs, or 72 hrs.

Screen will flash between clock and hours remaining before programmed cycle resumes. To remove rain delay, press CLEAR, or turn dial to OFF and then back to AUTO.


Allows you to water immediately without interrupting the set cycle(s).

  • 1. Press the MANUAL button when dial is turned to AUTO
  • 2. Press ENTER to run all stations once as previously programmed in RUN TIME section. Or Use the < and > buttons to select which station(s) to manually water.
  • 3. Press ENTER when cursor is over desired watering station.
  • 4. Use + and – buttons to set from 1 to 240 minutes.

* There will be a 6 second delay till your cycle will begin Screen will flash between clock and minutes remaining on cycle. To remove manual watering and resume programmed cycle press CLEAR



• Clock is set to correct time including AM and PM.

• Start time is set to desired time including AM and PM.

• Start times begin after previous watering cycle has run through all stations and set durations.

• Rain Delay is on (DELAY appears on left side of screen if on).


• Shut-off on the valve outlets are open.

• Timer is set to AUTO.

• Batteries are low.

• Clock is set to correct time including AM and PM.

• Rain Delay is on (DELAY appears on left side of screen if on).

• Valve plugs are inserted in the correct corresponding timer outlet.


• Watering duration is set to desired time. Start times begin after previous wateringcycle has runs through all stations and set duration.

NOTE: Turning the dial to the OFF position at any time during the day will reset the timer’s internal timing. This will cancel all scheduled watering times for the day until the next programmed START TIME. This means if you turn the dial back to AUTO the timer will not water until the next watering day; beginning at your desired programmed START TIME.

Example: You have a 6:00 AM START TIME with HOW OFTEN 6 hour intervals. If you turn the dial to OFF at 10:00 AM today the timer will not water until tomorrow at 6:00 AM. The 12:00 PM, 6:00 PM, and 12:00 AM watering times have been cancelled for the day.


  • Minimum: 25 psi
  • Maximum: 100 psi


  • Maximum: Do not exceed 120°F
  • Minimum: Keep from freezing

WARNINGS For outdoor use with cold water only.


Before turning on water:

1. Load batteries

2. Attach valves to timer and manifold

3. Allow the timer a few minutes to complete the automatic setup

About this item

  • Fully automatic yard watering kit turns your hose faucet into a 4-Station sprinkler system
  • No digging is required to easily install this watering system. MULTIPLE DURATIONS: Select from eight watering duration options from 1 to 240 minutes.
  • One dial controls all basic programming
  • Rain delay for 24-, 48- and 72-hour settings
  • Orbit 58911 complete yard watering kit

Product Description

This fully automatic yard watering kit turns your hose faucet into a 4-station sprinkler system. No digging is required for installation. Connects to a standard hose faucet to provide 4 hose outlets with 4 independent controls. The kit comes with two programmable valves, and can be expanded up to four valves (additional valves sold separately).

Features and Benefits

  • INCLUDES: Programmable timer, 4-port manifold adapter, and two automatic valves (expandable up to four valves).
  • INTERVAL PROGRAMMING: Set your timer to water every 2 hours up to once per week.
  • MULTIPLE DURATIONS: Select from eight watering duration options from 1 to 240 minutes.
  • RAIN DELAY: Save water by skipping watering cycles after it rains without interrupting your set program. Delay watering from 1 to 3 days.
  • EASY-TO-USE: The large dial and LCD screen are easy to see and operate.
  • MANUAL WATERING: Temporarily bypass your program for quick faucet use.
  • HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: This product will last season after season without the worry or rust or corrosion.
  • SWIVEL ATTACHMENT: Over-molded brass hose faucet swivel coupling for easy and quick connection without any need for tools.
  • BATTERY OPERATED: Runs on 2 AA batteries (not included)

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Specs Sheet

  • Dimension: 3.5 x 13.13 x 11.25 inches
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds

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Orbit 58911 Questions and Answers

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  • Questions unAnswered : 2

#1 Does this unit reduce the pressure coming out of an individual connector? I have a one piece Melnor 4 outlet timer and it reduces the flow?
There is screen plus a gasket in the inlet side of the individual solenoid vavles for the Orbit model 58911. If the screen becomes clogged or they are old and the gasket is breaking down then it can restrict water flow.

#2 How many valves come with the kit? Just two?
There is a 4 way splitter so technically 4 valves from one faucet but only 2 electronic controls come with the system so 2 would be electronically controlled and two would be manually controlled. You can buy add 9n controllers so that all 4 valves can be electronically controlled if you have 4 zone that you want to control independently. Honestly 4 zones is more than most people would need. 1 zone can water as much area as hose and water pressure will support so this is more than enough for an entire yard.

#3 How sensitive are these to gritty water? I get a lot of grit from my well and don't want to have to run it through a filter.
Gritty water is a possible problem but the washers with metal screens on the main water intake to the manifold and on each of solenoid valves should be sufficient to keep your system running. I would check those washer screens at the beginning of the sprinkling season and half way through to be sure you are getting adequate water flow. The individual sprinklers off your main line could get slightly clogged but you can open the emitter head and let if flush out if there is a problem.

#4 I have two units that I have had for a year and both are leaking from the valves and the top rubber portion. What could be causing this?
I always replace the rubber washers on all valves and in the connection to hose bibb, always use teflon tape on all screw threads. Tighten with adjustable goose neck pliers (not too tight, just until no drips. I have replaced valves that continue to leak in spite of all that....These valves and manifold should never be allowed to freeze.

#5 Thoughts on installing this in a in-ground fsd-120-6 6-in. deep riser sprinkler valve box?
The system will, of course, work in a below ground box. If you can keep it dry enough. The controller is good for rain but not immersion. It is battery powered and you will have to replace the battery every year or so. The valves are a bit small for an in-ground semipermanent sprinkler system. If you leave this running without supervision for long periods you can have a valve fail open particularly with a low battery. Being a battery powered system this bangs the valves on and then off so no battery no off. A standard 110 powered system will shut the valves off when power is off.

#6 Can you program zone 1 and 2 to water once a day every 2 days, and Zone 3 and 4 to water once a day every day?
No, all zones and cycles water on selected days. You can interrupt the cycles and manually run certain zones for x amount of time if wanted. In order to do what you are wanting I think that you may want to come off of your faucet with a Y fitting and use two controllers. Pricier but that is the only way I can see this working for what you are asking.

#7 Why do I need the extra valves on the 4 novel unit?
The two valves are electronic valves that plug into the timer base. The four valves unit is a pass through you can open or close with the knob. So the item only comes with two timer units that you attach to the four valve unit. If you want to use the timer for all four valves, you have to buy two more.



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