User Manual Craftsman CMXGBAM1054538 Gas Snow Blower

Craftsman CMXGBAM1054538 Gas Snow Blower - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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User Manual
  • User Manual - (English, Spanish)
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INSTRUCTION manual SNOW BLOWER for Craftsman CMXGBAM1054538 

Table of contents

  • Safe Operation Practices
  • Assembly
  • Operation
  • Service and Maintenance
  • Off-Season Storage
  • Troubleshooting
  • Español
  • Service Numbers
  • Warranty Statement

Unpacking the Snow Blower

  1. Open the top of the carton.
  2. Cut down the corners on the front of the carton and fold down the front side.
  3. Pull the snow blower out of the carton. Be sure not to damage the chute, or any cables attached to the chute, which is shipped under the shroud on the backside of the carton.

Operating the Snow Blower

  • Once the auger drive is engaged, roll the snow blower into the layer of snow to be removed.
  • Adjust the chute so that the snow is not thrown over other snow that is to be removed.
  • Prevent possible property damage or personal injury from object ricochet by planning your snow throwing pattern to avoid discharge towards windows, walls, cars, etc.  
  • Do not overload machine capacity by attempting to clear snow at too fast of a rate.
  • Never operate this machine without good visibility or light.
  • Always be sure of your footing and keep a firm hold on the handles.
  • Walk, never run when operating snow blower.
  • Look down and behind and use care when backing up



  • Refer to the Engine Operator’s Manual for all engine maintenance procedures. Checking, adding and changing oil are also found in this manual.


  • Lubricate the pivot points on the control handle and the extension spring at the end of the control cable with a light oil once every season and before the snow blower is put into storage at the end of the season.

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Craftsman CMXGBAM1054538 Questions and Answers

Is this blower self propelled?
No, this model is not self-propelled.

So, if there is more than 6 inches of snow, this snowblower may not be the best option?
The augers are have a intake height of 13". The comment in the overview is just advising an ideal mid range.

I'm guessing this blower wouldn't be good on a driveway with all stone?
We would not recommend single stage snow blowers for use on gravel driveways. For that application, a two or three stage unit equipped with tracks instead of wheels would work best, as they will have an independent height setting to lift the shave plate off of the gravel. If a track-driven model is not available, standard wheel versions will work as long as the skid shoes are raised to separate the shave plate from the gravel

Can this be used on wooden decks?
No, this can't be used on wooden decks.

Can i raise the skid shoes that come on this model or do i need after market ones?
this snow blower does not have skid shoes, but you can raise and lower the shave plate underneath the auger housing.