User Manual Haier HPB08XCM Portable Air Conditioner

Haier HPB08XCM

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User Manual Installation Instruction
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Owner’s Manual and
Installation Instruction
Manual del propietario y
instrucciones de instalación
Portable Air Conditioner
Acondicionador de aire portatil
49-7782-1 12-18 GEA
Design may vary by model number.
Some models may have an additional
letter after the model number
El diseño puede variar según el número
de modelo
Algunos modelos pueden tener una
letra adicional después del número del


Haier HPB08XCM.

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Haier HPB08XCM Questions and Answers

Can I leave the screen on or will the exhaust hose extend further than the screen?
Leave the screen on does not interfere and still keeps bugs out and out of the hose

Running on a generator. What is the power surge to start the unit running?
I am not sure it would be a good idea to run AC on generator unless you will use some kind power surge strip or stabilizer to send a regulated power to unit.

Would i have to remove my window screen? I am able to put in window fans without having to lift up the screen. Can i do the same for this?
I have 2 portable air conditioners that I install with the screens still in place.

Do you have to vent this outside when just using the dehumidifier?
Yes, according t o the Haier team the unit must be vented to the outside in order to remove heat and humidity.

How many watts does it pull?
It's 700 watts, pretty much like running a small microwave oven for hours at a time.

How quiet is this unit? I'm looking for something I can use in my small office at work, but I'm on the phone a lot and don't want anything too loud.
I have this in my small office too right next to my desk, I am on the phone a lot too. It's not bad I can hear people on the phone but I do turn it off and on.

I want to use this in my garage. Can I just crack the garage door and run the vent hose outside? I dont have an exterior door or window.
Yes you can and it cones with the hose

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HPB08XCM photo

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