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User Manual Air Conditioner

Assembly and Installation

Accessories Include

1 . Main window panel and extension panels

  • extends from 20" up to 46".................3 pieces

2. Exhaust nozzle..................................1 piece

3. Screws............................................8 pieces

4. Exhaust hose....................................1 piece

5. Cover.............................................1 piece

6. Foam..............................................2 pieces

7. Hose connector.................................1 piece

  1. Connect the 3 pieces of the window panels by sliding the 2 extension panels into the main window panel.

2) Apply a foam strip to the end of each extension panel.

3) Open the window and place the window panel assembly into the window. Adjust the extension panels to fit the width or height of the window as shown below (see figure A). Secure the extension panels using 4 blunt tip screws (see figure B-l). Secure the main window panel using 4 pointed screws (see figure B-2 and B-3).

4) Expand the 2 ends of the exhaust hose. Connect the hose connector to one end of the exhaust hose by turning clockwise. Then insert the exhaust nozzle at the other end of the exhaust hose by turning clockwise (see figure C) to create the hose assembly.

5) Slide the hose connector end (the square end) of the hose assembly into the rear of the unit (see figure D).

6) Insert the exhaust hose with nozzle end into the window panel(see figure E).

7) PIug the power cord into the wall outlet and press the"Reset"button.

8) Please allow 8"of space around the unit for proper air circulation.

9) When removing the portable air conditioner for storage, the window panel may be left in place. Simply place the cover over the nozzle hole (see figure A).

Parts and Features

  1. Control panel
  2. Air outlet
  3. Handle hole
  4. Caster
  5. Air filter
  6. Exhaust Hose Connedion
  7. Air Intake
  8. Upper Drain
  9. Lower Drain (Note : Please ensure if the water outlet drain is well installed before use.)
  10. Power supply cord


  • TEST: When th is button is pressed or when there is a current leak, the unit will not operate.
  • RESET: After resolving the problem, press the reset button to resume operation.


NOTE: Wait 24 hours before turning on the air conditioner if the unit has been tilted for any reason. This allows the oils and the coolants to settle and level off.


  1. Use an 1 15V, 15Amp outlet for the air conditioner. Do not use any other electrical appliances on this line or you may trip the fuse. Use a dedicated line for this air conditioner.
  2. Do not place the air conditioner in direct sunlight or close to any heating appliances (ie., baseboard heaters, stoves, etc.)
  3. Operate on a flat surface only.
  4. Keep the unit free of any obstructions such as drapes, curtains, blinds, etc.
  5. Keep unit at least 1 foot away from the wall.


  1. When turning on the unit for the first time after plugging it into an electrical outlet, the unit will start in a high fan cooling mode. The temperature display on the LED will show the current room temperature. When turning on the unit during regular usage, it will remember the last setting used. If you want to operate the air conditioner as a dehumidifier, then adjust to dehumidification mode.
  2. After a normal shut down, wait for 3 minutes before restarting the unit so as to complete the compressor cycle.
  3. In cooling mode, this portable air conditioner should not require water to be removed. The unit has a unique design which continuously evaporates the water. In heating mode, or when the unit is operated in high humidity conditions, you may need to empty the water tank periodically. The unit will shut down automatically when the water tank is full and the "Tank Full" warning light will turn on.
  4. To empty the water tank: Place a shallow pan (not included) below the lower drain located on the back of the unit (near the bottom of the air conditioner), remove plug, and drain the water tank completely. Re-insert the drain plug. You will then be able to restart your portable air conditioner.
  5. Check and clean the filter once every week for highest efficiency.

NOTE: Do not operate unit without filter.


  • If the unit is not being used for a long period of time, drain the water from the water tank. Please see step 4 of the "During Use" section above for more information.

Control Panel

Power Control

  • The power control turns the unit on and off.

Warning Light

  • Condensed water may accumulate in the unit. If the internal tank becomes full, the warning light will light up and the unit will not operate until the unit has been drained.

Mode Control

  • The Mode Control has three settings: • Cool • Dehumidify • Fan
  • The settings are adjusted with Mode Control button. A light will indicate which setting is currently being used.
  • Cooling Mode
  • When cool mode is selected, the indicator light turns blue. During the cooling mode the air is cooled and hot air is exhausted to the outside through the exhaust tube. Adjust fan speed and air temperature to suit your desired comfort level.

Note: The air exchange hoses must vent outside the room when using cool mode. •

Dehumidify Mode

  • When dehumidify mode is selected, the indicator light turns yellow. Air is dehumidified as it
    passes through the unit, without being in full cooling mode. If room temperature is higher than 77 degree Fahrenheit , fan speed can be adjusted; otherwise fan speed is fixed to " Low
    Note:If the unit is to be used as a dehumidifier, do not connect the exhaust hose let the warm
    air return to the room. Continuous drainage is then necessary.
    Fan Mode
  • When fan mode is selected the indicator light will shine green. Air is circulated throughout the room with no cooling.

Note: unit does not need to be vented in Fan mode

Fan Speed Control

  • The Fan Speed Control has 3 settings: High, Medium, and Low.


  • Auto turn off : With machine in running mode, press timer button to Select number of hours you would like the unit to run in air conditioning mode until it automatically shuts off.
  • Auto turn on : With machine in stand by mode, press timer button to Select number of hours until you would like the unit to automatically start running in air conditioning mode.

Timer / Temp set controls

  • Used for adjusting the timer and thermostat.
  • The default display is room temperature.
  • In cooling mode, when “∧” or "∨" button is pressed, the set temperature is displayed and may be adjusted.

After 15 seconds the display will revert back to room temperature. Temperature is only adjustable in cool mode. The time is adjustable between 1 ~24 hours.

Note: By pressing both Timer / Temp set buttons at the same time, the display will toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit. The temperature cannot be adjusted in the fan or dehumidification modes.

After switching the air conditioner off, you must wait 3 minutes before switching it back on again.

Remote Control Operation

Power On / Off


  • Cool: Bl ue LED lights when in cooling mode.
  • Dehumidification: Yellow LED lights when in dehumidification mode.
  • Fan: Green LED lights when in fan mode.

Fan Speeds: There are 3 adjustable speeds in the cool and fan mode:

  • Low, Medium and High. In dehumidification mode, and room temperature is greater than 77°F, fan speed can be adjusted; otherwise fan speed is fixed to "low."

On / Off Timer

To set the Timer for a 1 to 24-hour delay until the air conditioner turns off:

  1. When you use the timer setting button while the unit is operating, you can preset a time for the unit to turn off.
  2. When you use the timer setting button while the unit is on standby, you can present a time for the unit to turn on.
  3. If you press the "ON/OFF" button, the preset timer function will be cancelled.
  4. Timer setting range is 1 —24 hours.

To clear Timer Delay program:

NOTE: Air conditioner can be either on or off.

  1. Press the Timer button
  2. Press and hold the minus button until the timer display has cleared.

To change the remaining time (in hours):

  1. Press the Timer button.
  2. Press the plus or minus button to change the delay time from 1 to 24 hours.
  3. The new delay time will display.

Setting the Temperature

To set the temperature, press the or key to raise or lower the temperature. The temperature can be raised or lowered in the cool mode. The temperature cannot be adjusted in fan or dehumidification mode

NOTE: The temperature can be set between 61 °F to 89°F (Cool mode)

AWARNING: Batteries can explode, or leak, and can cause injury or fire.

To reduce the risk:

  • Carefully follow all instructions and warnings on the battery label and packaging.
  • Always insert batteries correctly with regard to polarity (+ and -) marked on the battery and the equipment.
  • Do not short battery terminals.
  • Do not charge batteries.
  • Do not mix old and new batteries.
  • Replace all of them at the same time with new batteries of the same brand and type.
  • Remove dead batteries immediately and dispose of per local codes.
  • Do not dispose of batteries in re.
  • Keep batteries out of the reach of children.
  • Remove batteries if the device will not be used for several months.

Care and Cleaning Guide

  • Always unplug your air conditioner before cleaning.
  • Air filter needs to be cleaned at least once a week for your unit to operate at optimum efficiency. Slide out the filter from the back by pulling on the tab. The filter may be washed or vacuumed. Remove the excess water from the filter by gently shaking the filter. This will remove dust and particles trapped in the filter. After cleaning, reinstall the filter. DO NOT use your air conditioner without the air filter in place.
  • To clean the cabinet, DO NOT use harsh chemicals, abrasives, ammonia, chlorine, bleach, concentrated detergents, solvents or metal scouring pads. Some of these chemicals may dissolve, damage and/or discolor your air conditioner.
  • Always use a soft cloth dampened with water or a mild soap and water solution to wipe the front of the cabinet. Wipe dry with a soft cloth.


  • To store your air conditioner when not being used for a long period of time, drain the water tank as described on page 6 under the "During Use" section, step 4. Remove exhaust hose, clean the filters, cover with plastic bag and store away.


If air conditioner does not operate:

  • Check if unit is plugged in. The plug may have come loose.
  • Press "Reset" button on the plug to resume operation.
  • Check if the electrical wall receptacle is the proper voltage.
  • Check if the circuit breaker needs to be reset or if the fuse needs to be replaced.
  • Check if the unit is in "Off" mode.
  • If the warning light is on, drain the water drain pipe by removing the plug.

Air conditioner working but room not cooling:

  • Room may have appliances that produce heat. Use an exhaust fan to remove excess heat.
  • Check exhaust hose for proper installation.
  • Redirect the airflow. Remove any obstacles.
  • All doors and windows need to be closed so that cool air does not escape the room.
  • Air filter may be blocked or may need cleaning.
  • Unit BTU may be too low for the required cooling area.
  • On extremely hot & humid days, air conditioners may take a little longer to cool.
  • Drain the water drain pipe by removing the plug.
  • Unit may be in fan or dry mode. Put air conditioner in cool mode.

Tank Full Warning Light Is On:

  • Unit will shut down when the water pan is full. This condition may occur either when the unit is operated in high humidity conditions, or when the unit is operated in HEAT MODE, since the auto-evaporation function will not work in the heating mode. See instructions in the "Operation" section under "During use".


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