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Protection class II
Electrical devices in protection class II are devices that have double and/or reinforced in-
sulation throughout, and do not have the option of connecting a protective earth. The
housing of an electrical device in protection class II, with surrounding insulating material,
may either form all of the additional or reinforced insulation, or part of it.
Symbol for direct current
Symbol for AC current
1.2. Proper use
This is an entertainment electronics device and is also suitable for multimedia applications. This de-
vice is designed to receive and play back television channels. The various connection options ena-
ble the additional extension of the reception and playback sources (receiver, DVD player, DVD re-
corder, video recorder, PC etc.). Your device can be used in a variety of ways.
The device is only intended for private use and not for industrial/commercial use.
Please note that we shall not be liable in cases of improper use.
Do not modify the device without our express agreement and do not use any accessories that
have not been supplied or approved by us.
Only use replacement parts or accessories that we have supplied or approved.
Comply with all the information in these operating instructions, especially the safety information. Any other
use is considered improper and can cause personal injury or property damage.
Do not use the device in extreme environmental conditions.
This device is only suitable for use in dry interior rooms.
This device is not suitable for use as a data monitor for office workstations.
1.3. Ultra HD
Your Smart TV features “Ultra HD” technology. This means that it can play back high-resolution im-
ages with four times the resolution of Full HD. An Ultra HDTV signal is required.
1.3.1. HDR (High Dynamic Range)
HDR technology provides a greater dynamic range in terms of the brightness of the colours shown.
That means that every colour value reproduced can be displayed in 1024 shades instead of the pre-
vious maximum of 256. This fourfold increase in the dynamic range makes the darkest areas of the
picture even darker and the brightest areas even brighter. It creates a more realistic impression and
makes details visible that were previously unrecognisable with a smaller brightness range. The sta-
tion, streaming service or hardware of the connected device must support HDR and Blu-ray must
be supported.
If HDR content is to be played back, select the HDMI inputs in the
TINGS menu and then the ENHANCED setting.
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