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User Guide Dimplex SWM4820 Heating

Table of contents

  • Welcome
  • Specifications
  • Installation
  • Operation
  • Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Warranty
  • Technical Support


The backlight control button is used to turn on and change the color of the backlight.

Press the backlight control button once to turn ON the back light. Press multiple times to cycle through different color options and to turn the back light OFF.

Use the Level Selection button while F4, F3, or F2 is displayed to change the brightness of the backlight:

  1. Low, 
  2. Medium,
  3.  High.

Use the Level Selection button while F1 is displayed to change the backlight color rotation speed

  •  Low,
  •  Medium,
  • High.


  •  Clean the metal trim using a water-dampened soft, clean cloth. DO NOT use brass polish or household cleaners as these products will damage the metal trim.
  • The motors used on the fan and the flame generator assembly are pre-lubricated for extended bearing life and require no further lubrication.
  • However, periodic cleaning/vacuuming of the fan/heater and air intake/output vents is recommended. The heater should be cleaned and inspected regularly, depending on conditions, and at least at yearly intervals

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