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User Guide Kwikset 99250-202 Home Improvment

Kevo at a Glance

  •  Touch Kevo anywhere on the metallic surface behind the light ring to lock and unlock.
  •  Insert your SmartKey tool here when rekeying your lock to work with your existing key.
  •  Changes color to communicate with you.
  • Insert your standard key here.
  • Only use to reset Kevo to delete all eKeys and fobs. See “System Reset” for more information.
  •  Where all the programming features are located.
  •  Use to enroll phones and fobs.

Triple Touch Lock and Auto-Lock

  • Triple Touch Lock allows you to lock the door from the outside without the use of a smartphone or fob.
  • You might use Triple Touch Lock if you are using only a standard key in your system but wish to lock the door by touch, if your smartphone or fob is disabled, or if you have a visitor in your home that will leave and lock the door behind them.
  • To lock the door with this feature, touch the deadbolt rose three times, pausing briefly between each touch.
  • The light ring will spin blue, spin amber, then flash amber, and you will hear one beep (if switch #3 is on).

Blue Spinning and Shutting Off:

  • Kevo is unable to establish a connection with your device, and it will not lock or unlock.
  • Make sure that your Bluetooth and Bluetooth Sharing (inside your phone’s privacy settings) are enabled, and make sure you are signed in to your Kevo app and that it’s running in the background.

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