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Ninja S3501 Questions and Answers

#1 Can the steam mop clean ground in dirt out of the tile grout?

No, but if you go to Home Depot they sell an attachment for a pole (you will have to get the pole if you don’t have one) for cleaning grout. A spray bottle 50/50 of water and ammonia and this brush cleans floor grout. Use the steam mop to wipe the dirt brought up and after cleaning all the grout and wiping change pads and mop again. Doesn’t take much effort. You don’t need to do this every time you mop as unlike a regular mop it doesn’t leave dirty water behind.

#2 How do you turn on the power?

Plug it in, it start automatically. There is no switch to turn it on.

#3 Will the Shark Steam pocket mop clean grout from wear and tear on my ceramic tile floors?

The most success I have had with our very dirty grout is by using a (spray) carpet cleaner liquid. I let it soak a few hours and then use a dry brush, rinse in hot water. I use a rag to clean the rest. Then I mop as usual.

#4 are the cleaning pads reuasable/washable? can also get replacement pads but they are a bit pricey for what they are...two are nearly 40% the price of the complete unit. It works fairly well on tile but doesn't really get into grout. I figure you need a professional steam cleaner that can put out a lot more steam to get in the grout. I had a professional do it once and it worked but was quite a process and took at least an hour of hard work for them to get my large kitchen grout clean. I think the next time I have this done I will seal the grout so it resists grime soaking in better.

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