Use Manual Sharp R350EW Smart Inverter 1200W Microwave

Sharp R350EW Smart Inverter 1200W Microwave - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF download or read online.

- Owner Manual ( English ) - 2.9 MB - pdf
- R350EW - Sharp - Specifications Sheet ( English )

Table of Contents

  •  Warranty Inside of front cover
  • Introduction
  • Important Safety Instructions
  • Special Notes and Warnings
  • Installation Instructions
  • Oven Diagram
  • Operation of Touch Control Panel
  • Before Operating
  • Manual Operations
  • Notes for Automatic Operations
  • Care and Cleaning
  • Service Call Check
  • Specifications
  • Smart Cooking Guide
  • Quick Reference Guide

Installation instructions

  • Remove all packing materials from the oven cavity, (do not remove the waveguide cover), and the feature sticker from the outside of the door, if there is one. Check the unit for any damage, such as a misaligned door, damaged door seals around the door or dents inside the oven cavity or on the door. If there is any damage, please do not operate the oven until it has been checked by a SERVICE CENTRE APPROVED BY Sharp and repaired, if necessary.
  • Accessories provided
    • Turntable
    • Roller stay
    • Operation manual and Cook book
  • Place the roller stay in the coupling on the oven floor, then place the turntable on to the roller stay, ensuring it is located firmly. Refer to OVEN DIAGRAM below. NEVER operate the oven without the roller stay and turntable.
  • This oven is designed to be used on a benchtop, on a shelf or built-in(not available in all countries). The appliance must not be placed in a cupboard. It should not be installed in any area where heat and steam are generated, for example, next to a conventional oven unit. The oven should be installed so as not to block ventilation openings. When the oven is mounted on a kitchen benchtop, allow a space of at least 15 cm on the top, 10cm on both sides and 5cm at the rear of the oven for adequate air circulation. When installing on a shelf, the minimum dimension of the shelf should be 720mm(W) x 465mm(H) x 460mm(D). Do not build-in the appliance under the benchtop or any other appliances. If the oven is to be positioned near a conventional oven, ensure that adequate space is allowed, and a suitable heat shield is incorporated between the two to prevent damage to the oven .

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