User Manual GE DSKS433EBWW Spacemaker® 240V 3.6 cu. ft. Capacity Stationary Electric Dryer

GE DSKS433EBWW Spacemaker® 240V 3.6 cu. ft. Capacity Stationary Electric Dryer - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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  • Owner's manual - (English)

Owner’s Manual Dryers GE DSKS433EBWW


  • Safety Information
  • Proper Installation
  • When Using the Dryer
  • Operating Instructions
  • Care and Cleaning of the Dryer
  • Control Panel
  • Control Settings
  • Loading and Using the Dryer
  • Venting the Dryer
  • Troubleshooting Tips
  • Consumer Support
  • Warranty

Your Laundry area

  • Keep the area underneath and around your appliances free of combustible materials (lint, paper, rags, etc.), gasoline, chemicals and other flammable vapors and liquids.
  • Keep the floor around your appliances clean and dry to reduce the possibility of slipping.
  • Close supervision is necessary if this appliance is used by or near children. Do not allow children to play on, with or inside this or any other appliance.
  • Keep all laundry aids (such as detergents, bleaches, etc.) out of the reach of children, preferably in a locked cabinet. Observe all warnings on container labels to avoid injury.
  • Never climb on or stand on the dryer top.
  • Keep the area around the exhaust opening and adjacent surrounding areas free from the accumulation of lint, dust and dirt. Do not obstruct the flow of ventilating air. Do not stack or place laundry or throw rugs against the front or back of the dryer

Care and Cleaning of the Dryer

  • The Exterior: Wipe or dust any spills or washing compounds with a damp cloth. Dryer control panel and finishes may be damaged by some laundry pretreatment soil and stain remover products. Apply these products away from the dryer. The fabric may then be washed and dried normally. Damage to your dryer caused by these products is not covered by your warranty.
  • The Lint Filter: Clean the lint filter before each use. Slide out the grid that covers the filter. Run your fingers across the filter. A waxy buildup may form on the lint filter from using dryer-added fabric softener sheets. To remove this buildup, wash the lint screen in warm, soapy water. Dry thoroughly and replace. Do not operate the dryer without the lint filter and grid in place. Have a qualified technician vacuum the


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