Candy Washer Dryer GVSW 496D-80 - Use Manual

Candy Washer Dryer GVSW 496D-80 - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF download or read online.
Thank-you for choosing a Candy washing machine. We are confident it will loyally assist you in safely washing your clothes, even delicates, day after day.
Carefully read this manual for correct and safe appliance use and for helpful tips on efficient maintenance.
Only use the washing machine after carefully reading these instructions. We recommend you always keep this manual on hand and in good condition for any future owners.
Please check that the appliance is delivered with this instruction manual, warranty certificate, service centre address and energy efficiency label. Also check that plugs, drain hose support hook and liquid detergent or bleach tray (only on some models) are included. We recommend you keep all these components.
On receipt of your appliance please check it carefully for damage. Any damage found must be reported to the delivery driver immediately. Alternatively damage found must be reported to the retailer within 2 days of receipt.
Each product is identified by a unique 16- character code, also called the “serial number”, printed on the sticker. This can be found inside the door opening. This code is a unique code for your product that you will need to register the product warranty, or if you need to contact the Customer Service Centre.

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Environmental conditions
This appliance is marked according to the European directive 2012/19/EU on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). WEEE contains both polluting substances (which can cause negative consequences for the environment) and basic components (which can be re-used). It is important to have WEEE subjected to specific treatments, in order to remove and dispose properly all pollutants, and recover and recycle all materials. Individuals can play an important role in ensuring that WEEE does not become an environmental issue; it is essential to follow some basic rules:
● WEEE should not be treated as household waste;
● WEEE should be handed over to the relevant collection point

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