Premium Levella PWC230SQ Self-standing Dispenser

Product Manual - Page 4

For PWC230SQ.

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1.Modern design.
2.Energy-saving, low noise, resistant structure and great stability. Suitable for use in
homes, hotels, schools, etc.
3.The plastic parts of this product use high quality and durable plastic.
4.Double security system, temperature control " and "heating protection". Hot water
temperature is always between 80 ° C and 95 ° C, enough to make coffee or tea, or
other instant food.
5.The water dispenser's cooling system is durable and suitable for use during the
6.This product can be used with bottled water or a water purifier.
Nombre de las Partes
Bottle Seat
Power Switch
Indicator Lights
Information Plate
Cold Water Faucet
Hot Water Faucet
Drip Tray
Drip Plug
Electric Power Cord
Note: The graphic is for reference only. The current device may have
differences with the graphic.
Mode of Operation
1.Insert the bottle vertically on the seat and press the water faucets until water flows
out of the red hot water faucet.
2.Insert the power plug to the wall socket and turn the electric switches to ON position
to start the appliance. DO NOT MOVE BOTH SWITCHES AT THE TIME. Cooling and
heating indicator lights should light up. The appliance is designed to provide hot or
cold water whenever you need it. It will automatically turn on and off when the water
reaches the desired temperatures.
Safety Push Button
Technical Information
Voltage - Frequency
Heating power
Cooling power
Water Heating capacity
Water Cooling capacity
Prevention of electric shock
Circuit Illustration
Note: If technical data or the circuit graphic change, the information
sheet may not reflect those changes.
1.Make sure to have poured water from the hot water faucet before plugging and
switching the appliance ON to heat. If the dispenser is turned ON with an empty water
tank, it can be damaged.
2.When you are ready to move the water cooler, do not tilt more than 45º to avoid
damage to the compressor.
3.Always install the dispenser indoors, on a flat surface and at a distance no less than
15 cm from the back wall.
4.Keep this appliance away from high temperatures and in a dry and ventilated place.
Never install it in the open air or under rain or direct sunlight.
5.Children should not use the red hot water tap.
6.If the appliance is not going to be used for a long period of time, unplug it and drain
all water in its interior.
7.Before the first use and after a long period of not using it, the water tank and water
pipes should be cleaned well. If possible, they should be disinfected and disinfect,
and the first heated water must be discarded (switch the heating switch to OFF while
draining the system).
Temp control II
Temp control I
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