Maytag MOED6030LZ 30 Inch 10 cu. ft. Total Capacity Electric Double Wall Oven

Owners Manual - Page 13

For MOED6030LZ.

PDF File Manual, 72 pages, Read Online | Download pdf file

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A circuit breaker is recommended.
Connect directly to the fused disconnect (or circuit breaker
box) through flexible, armored, or nonmetallic sheathed,
copper cable (with grounding wire). See "Make Electrical
Connection" section.
Flexible conduit from the oven should be connected directly to
the junction box.
Fuse both sides of the line.
Do not cut the conduit. The length of conduit provided is for
serviceability of the oven.
A UL listed or CSA-approved conduit connector must be
If the house has aluminum wiring, follow the procedure below:
Connect the aluminum wiring using special connectors and/or
tools designed and UL listed for joining copper to aluminum.
Follow the electrical connector manufacturer’s recommended
procedure. Aluminum/copper connection must conform with
local codes and industry-accepted wiring practices.
Prepare Built-In Oven
1. Decide on the final location for the oven. Avoid drilling
or cutting into house wiring during installation.
Excessive Weight Hazard
Use two or more people to move and install or uninstall
Failure to do so can result in back or other injury.
2. To avoid floor damage, set the oven onto cardboard prior to
installation. Do not use handle or any portion of the front frame
for lifting.
3. Remove the shipping materials and tape from the oven.
Remember to keep the corner posts and other materials
that may be needed for installation.
4. Remove the hardware package from inside the bag containing
5. Remove and set aside racks, attachments, and other parts
from inside the oven.
6. Move oven and cardboard close to the oven’s final location.
Remove Oven Door(s)
IMPORTANT: Use 2 hands to remove oven door. For double
ovens, repeat the process for each door.
1. Prior to removing the oven door, prepare a surface where you
will place it. This surface should be flat and covered with a soft
blanket, or use the corner posts from your packaging material.
2. Fully open the oven door.
A. Door hinges
3. Locate the oven door hinge locks in both corners of the oven
door, and rotate the hinge locks toward the oven door to the
unlocked position. If the door hinge lock is not rotated fully
(see unlocked position in illustration), the door will not remove
Oven door hinge lock in locked
Oven door hinge lock in unlocked
A. Grip here to rotate
4. Gently start to close the door. The door will stop at a partially
closed position.
5. Using 2 hands, grasp the edges of the oven door. Close the
oven door slightly past the stop position to take the weight off
of the door hinges, and then pull the oven door up.
6. Pull the oven door toward you, and then remove. You may
need to gently shift door from side to side as you pull.
7. Set the oven door aside on the prepared covered work
surface with the oven door resting on its handle.
8. To continue with the oven installation, go to the
“Positioning Oven Feet for Multiple Cabinet Cutout
Heights” section.
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