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PRECAUTIONS - 791477A493/A
the back of the appliance.
CAUTION: to avoid dangers
due to the instability of the
appliance, it must be fixed
according to the instructions.
Use cables withstanding a
temperature of at least 90°C.
The tightening torque of the
screws of the terminal supply
wires must be 1.5 - 2 Nm.
Always use any necessary/
required personal protective
equipment (PPE) before
performing any work on the
appliance (installation,
maintenance, positioning or
Before performing any
operation on the appliance,
switch off the power supply.
Opening the door for long
periods can cause the
temperature in the appliance
compartments to rise
If the appliance is left empty for
long periods of time, switch it
off, thaw it, clean it, dry it and
leave the door open to prevent
the development of mould
This appliance can be used up
to a maximum altitude of 2,000
metres above sea level.
Appliance purpose
This appliance has been
designed exclusively for storing
wine in a domestic setting.
Every other use is considered
The appliance is not designed
to operate with external timers
or with remote-control systems.
The appliance is designed for
use in a domestic or similar
environment, for instance:
Staff kitchen areas in shops,
offices and other working
Farm houses and by guests in
hotels, motels and other
residential type environments;
bed and breakfast
catering and similar non-retail
This user manual
This user manual is an integral part of the
appliance and must therefore be kept in its
entirety and within the user's reach for the
whole working life of the appliance.
Read this user manual carefully before using
the appliance.
The explanations in this manual include
images, which describe all that regularly
appears on the display. However, it should
be kept in mind that the appliance may be
equipped with an updated version of the
system, and as such, all that appears on the
display may differ from those in the manual.
Manufacturer’s liability
The manufacturer declines all liability for
damage to persons or property caused by:
use of the appliance other than that
failure to comply with the instructions in the
user manual;
tampering with any part of the appliance;
use of non-original spare parts.
Technical Support.
In the event of failure of the appliance,
contact the technical support and have the
repair carried out by qualified personnel
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