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AmazonBasics B07W4BL3VZ Espresso Machine and Milk Frother - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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User manual Espresso Machine and Milk Frother for AmazonBasics B07W4BL3VZ

Intended Use

  • This product is intended for preparing espresso and cappuccino coffee.
  • This product is intended for household use only. It is not intended for commercial use.
  • This product is intended to be used in dry indoor areas only.
  • No liability will be accepted for damages resulting from improper use or non-compliance with these instructions.

Before First Use

  • Check the product for transport damages.
  • Remove all the packing materials.
  • Clean the product before first use.
  • Before connecting the product to the power supply, check that the power supply voltage and current rating corresponds with the power supply details shown on the product rating label. Place the product on a firm, level surface away from the surface edge.
  • Perform internal cleaning before using the product for the first time.

Filling the water tank

  • Set the ON/OFF switch (H) to OFF.
  • Grasp the water tank (1) on both sides and gently pull it up.
  • Open the water tank cover.
  • Fill up with fresh water. The water level must be between the water tank's (1) MIN and the MAX markings.
  • Close the water tank cover and place the water tank (1) back into the housing. Gently push down the water tank to secure a tight connection.

Switching on/off

  • To switch on the product, set the ON/OFF switch (H) to ON. The ON/OFF switch indicator lights up.
  • To switch off the product, set the ON/OFF switch (H) to OFF.

Preparing espresso

  • Preheat the product.
  • Remove the portafilter (P) from the product.
  • Use the coffee scoop (A) to fill coffee into the sieve (O). Do not exceed the MAX marking in the sieve. Spread the coffee evenly and press it down slightly with the back of the coffee scoop (A). Remove any remains of the ground coffee from the rims of the sieve.
  • Attach the portafilter (P) back to the product.
  • Place a suitable cup on the drip tray base (B).


  • To clean the product, wipe with a soft, slightly moist cloth.
  • Dry the product after cleaning.
  • Never use corrosive detergents, wire brushes, abrasive scourers, metal or sharp utensils to clean the product.







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