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1. Connect the tubing inside the fountain to the recirculating pump (A).
Ensure the pump adapter is rmly secured inside the tubing and the pump.
2. Run the pump power cord through the opening in the back of the fountain.
3. Fill the fountain with enough water to keep the pump fully submerged during
4. Plug the power cord into a properly grounded GFCI outlet.
If you purchased the Solar wall fountain, use the pump from the solar panel
kit. Run the cable(s) through the opening in the back of the fountain; read and
follow the instructions included with the solar panel kit for operation and care
of the solar pump kit.
To purchase a compatible Solar pump kit, contact us using any of the contact
methods mentioned in the warranty section. Provide fountain number
(132592) to help expedite your request.
Thank you for choosing Sunnydaze Decor. We stand behind our brand and the quality of the items we sell.
Replacement parts or products will be sent at our discretion within the 1-year warranty period. Proof of purchase, with
the date of purchase as well as photos of the merchandise defect, must be provided. Photos are used to determine
the cause of defects and for future quality control. Register your warranty at
If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to contact us by phone at 833-982-1977, by email:, or via our contact us page at
Purchase Date: / / Order/Customer Reference Number:
Read this manual carefully before use and save it for future reference.
Assemble components on a soft, clean surface to avoid
scratching or damaging the nish.
The water tubing is built into the fountain. Take care when
handling the water tube; detaching the water tube from the fountain
will damage the fountain and void the product warranty.
Ensure all parts are
accounted for before
disposing of packaging.
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For outdoor use only, some splashing is normal.
Check the water level and refill frequently to ensure the pump remains fully submerged.
Only use water in this fountain. Distilled water will help prevent mineral buildup but is not required, avoid heavily chlorinated water as it may
damage the fountain or pump.
Periodically change the water to keep the water, fountain and pump clean. Remove scale and buildup regularly.
DO NOT use harmful additives such as bleach, chlorine, etc.
DO NOT use a pressure washer or abrasive materials to wash the fountain
Always shut off the power supply before cleaning or maintaining the fountain and recirculating pump.
Take care when handling the pump; only pick it up by the body of the pump, never the power cable.
During freezing weather, drain the fountain, disconnect the pump and store all components indoors; do not allow ice to form on or freeze
within any of the components.
Ensure that the pump is fully submerged in water. The pump will not run unless it is completely covered with water. Air may be trapped in the
pump, gently tap the pump to release the trapped air.
Check the pump and fountain tubing for obstructions.
Check the flow control on the body of the pump as it may need to be adjusted to acquire the desired flow rate.
Any modication to the product or failure to follow recommended care will void the product warranty.
Over time, the nish will gradually mellow in color, this is part of the natural aging process.