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User Guide Insignia NS-MWR07M2 Microwave 

Table of contents

  • Cookware and cooking materials
  • Materials you can use
  • Materials to be avoided
  • Package contents
  • Features
  • Components
  • Control panel
  • Setting up your microwave
  • Installing the turntable
  • Using your microwave
  • Setting the clock
  • Using the kitchen timer
  • Cooking in your microwave
  • Cooking quickly
  • Using the Auto menu
  • Popping popcorn in your microwave
  • Defrosting in your microwave
  • Using multi-stage cooking
  • Using the energy saving (Eco) mode
  • Checking the time and power level
  • Using the child-lock
  • Turning off the buzzer
  • Resetting the turntable
  • Troubleshooting

Using the kitchen timer

  1. Press (kitchen timer/clock) once. 00:00 flashes on the display.
  2.  Turn the adjustment knob to select the amount of time. You can select from 1 to 95 minutes. The time you select appears on the display.
  3.  Press (start/+30sec.) to confirm the setting. When the time reaches 0, the buzzer sounds five times and the display shows the current time.

Cooking quickly

  • In standby mode, press (start/+30sec.) to cook at 100% power for 30 seconds. Each time you press (start/+30sec.), the time increases by 30 seconds. The maximum cooking time is 95 minutes.
  • In standby mode, turn the adjustment knob left to select the cooking time, then press (start/+30sec.) to start cooking. Your microwave cooks at 100% power.
  •  While your microwave is cooking or when you are using the time defrost function, press (start/+30sec.) to increase the cooking time.

Using multi-stage cooking

  • You can set up a two-stage cycle to cook your food. For example, you can defrost a meal, then cook it. In this example, the food is defrosted for five minutes, then 80% power for 7 minutes. 
  • Press (defrost) twice. dEF2 appears on the display. 
  • Turn the adjustment knob to set the defrost time to five minutes. 
  • Press (microwave) once. PL10 appears on the display. 
  • Turn the adjustment knob to set the power level to 80%. PL8 appears on the display.&n


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