Rockford Fosgate P152S P152-S Punch 5.25" Component Speaker System (Pair)

User Manual - Page 3

For P152S.

PDF File Manual, 12 pages, Read Online | Download pdf file

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IN – Connect from Amplifier
From Amplifier
TWT Connect to Twe eter
P1T-S – System Connection
Specifications subject to change without notice.See figures on following pages.
P1 Components
P152-S P1652-S P1T-S
Nominal Diameter - inch (mm) 5.25 (133.35) 6.5 (165.10) 1.0 (25.0)
Description 2-Way 2-Way Tweeter Kit
Nominal Impedance (ohms) 4Ω 4Ω 4Ω
Frequency Response (Hz) 70Hz-22kHz 60Hz-22kHz 3.5kHz-22kHz
Crossover Frequency (Hz) 3.5kHz 3.0kHz 3.0kHz
12dB/octave Butterworth Crossover HP (High Pass) HP (High Pass) HP (High Pass)
Voice Coil Diameter - inch (mm) 1.0 (25.4) 1.0 (25.4)
Fs - Free Air Resonance (Hz) 70Hz 60Hz 3.5kHz
Qts 0.68 0.68
Vas - cu. ft. (Liter) 0.19 (5.4) 0.60 (16.8)
Xmax - inch (mm) 0.1 (2.5) 0.14 (3.5)
SPL (dB @ 1w/1m) 87dB 89dB 90dB
Power Handling-Watts (RMS / Peak) 50/100 60/120 60/120
Mounting Diameter-inch (mm) 4.81 (122.21) 5.57 (141.35) 1.75 (44.40) (Flush Mount)
Mounting Depth-inch (mm) 1.87 (47.50) 2.17 (55.00) 0.91 (23.14) (Flush Mount)
Includes Grille/Trim Ring YES YES YES
Trim Ring Diameter-inch (mm) 6.22 (158.00) 6.97 (177.00) 2.10 (53.34)
Trim Ring Height-inch (mm) 0.88 (22.34) 0.83 (21.00) 0.30 (7.66)
Includes Adapter Plate 5"x7"/6"x9" 5"x7"/6"x9" NO
eet Dual Clamp (DDC™)
Tweeter Mount
Every aspect of the new Tweeter design has been
y re-engineered to allow for maximum
ease of installation and fitment.This optimized
patent pending design provides concentric
clamping pressure around the perimeter of the
mounting hole.
The “mounting cups” are in fact not “cups” at all,
but rather unobtrusive “clamps” that quickly
and easily mount in a standard 1.75 inch (45mm)
hole saw opening with a single center screw
securing with balanced pressure to both faces
of the mounting surface. From there, the tweeter
simply snaps into place and is secured by a
snap-on trim ring. Removal is easy if needed.
The protective grille on the tweeter is
non-removable and an intergral part of the design.
ICC (Integrated Concealed Crossover)
For the P152-S and P1652-S, the crossover is
integrated into the basket of the mid-bass driver.
This component grade crossover allows for easy
connection of the full component system without
the need for an external crossover. Just connect
the wires from the tweeter to the
terminals at the speaker, see below.
P1T-S Crossover Wiring
1. Use illustration for proper connection.
2. Be sure to maintain speaker polarity.
3. Connecting the positive wire to 0dB matches the amplitude of the tweeter to the speaker.
4. Connecting the positive wire to -2dB or -4dB reduces the amplitude of the tweeter -2dB
or -4dB lower than the midrange, (ideal for tweeters located high in door panels and
midranges located lo
w in the kick panel).
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