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Braking intervention

The warning prompts the driver himself/herself to react. During a warning, the maximum brak‐ ing force is used. Premise for the brake boos‐ ter is sufficiently quick and hard stepping on the brake pedal. The system can assist with automatic braking intervention if there is risk of a collision. The intervention can bring the vehi‐ cle to a complete stop.

The braking intervention is executed only if DSC Dynamic Stability Control is switched on and Dynamic Traction Control DTC is acti‐ vated.

Above approx. 130 mph/210 km/h the braking intervention occurs as a brief braking pressure. No automatic delay occurs.

The braking intervention can be interrupted by stepping on the accelerator pedal or by ac‐ tively moving the steering wheel.

Object detection can be restricted. Limitations of the detection range and functional restric‐ tions are to be considered. Download BMW X3 Clipart.

System limits

Detection range

The system's detection potential is limited. Thus a warning might not be issued or be is‐ sued late.

E. g. the following situations may not be de‐ tected:

▷ Slow moving vehicles when you approach them at high speed.

▷ Vehicles that suddenly swerve in front of you, or sharply decelerating vehicles.

▷ Vehicles with an unusual rear appearance.

▷ Two-wheeled vehicles ahead of you.

Functional limitations

The system may not be fully functional in the following situations:

▷ In heavy fog, rain, sprayed water or snow‐ fall.

▷ In tight curves.

▷ If the driving stability control systems are limited or deactivated, e.g., DSC OFF.

▷ If, depending on the vehicle equipment version, the field of view of the camera in the mirror or the radar sensor is dirty or ob‐ scured.

▷ Up to 10 seconds after the start of the en‐ gine, via the Start/Stop knob.

▷ During calibration of the camera immedi‐ ately after vehicle shipment.

▷ If there is constant blinding effects be‐ cause of oncoming light, e. g., from th


2020 BMW X3 Questions and Answers

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What is the difference between 2019 and BMW X3 2020?
- Horsepower boost for 2020.
- On the features front, BMW enlarged the X3's standard touch screen to 8.8 inches (from 6.5 inches).
- Apple CarPlay and navigation are both newly standard.

How to remote start a BMW 2020 X3?
You can start your vehicle using remote engine start with the BMW Display Key and the BMW Connected App.

Is BMW Connected Drive free?
No, the BMW Connected Drive subscription costs $50 per year, with an initial three-month free trial.



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