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Honda PILOT 2021 Questions and Answers

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#1 Why does the vehicle position icon on the map appear slightly off my actual position, especially at intersections?

This is normal. The navigation system is unaware of the
width of intersections. Large differences in vehicle position
can indicate a temporary loss of the GPS signal.

#2 How do I specify a destination when an entered city or street could not be found?

Try selecting the destination directly from the map.

#3 Why does the “Arrival time” display sometimes increase even though I am getting closer to my destination?

The “Arrival time” is based on the speed limit on each
road. Depending on the traffic conditions, the “Arrival
time” may be calculated to be earlier or later

#4 Why does my clock frequently change the time forward and backward by one hour?

The clock setting is automatically updated based on your
GPS location. If you are driving near a time zone border,
the automatic update is the likely reason.