32LL3A63DB Toshiba LED TV - Use Manual

32LL3A63DB Toshiba LED TV - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF download or read online.


24/32/39/40/43/48/49 L28 Series

32/39/40/43/49 L38 Series

24/28/32 D28 Series

24/28/32 W28 Series

24/28/32 D38 Series

24/28/32 W38 Series


Troubleshooting & Tips

TV will not turn on

Make sure the power cord is plugged in securely to a wall outlet. Press the Power button on the TV.

Poor picture

• Check if you have correctly tuned the TV.

• Low signal level can cause picture distortion. Please check antenna connections.

• Check if you have entered the correct channel frequency if you have performed manual tuning.

No picture

• TV is not receiving any signal. Make sure the correct source has been selected.

• Is the antenna connected properly?

• Is the antenna cable damaged?

• Are suitable plugs used to connect the antenna?

• If you are in doubt, consult your dealer.

No sound

• Check if the TV sound is muted. Press the Mute button or increase the volume to check.

• Sound is coming from only one speaker. Check the balance settings from Sound menu.

Remote control - no operation

• The batteries may be exhausted. Replace the batteries.

• The batteries maybe inserted incorrectly. Refer to the section “Inserting the Batteries into the Remote”.

No signal on an input source

• It is possible that no device is connected.

• Check the AV cables and connections from your device.

• Check the device is switched on.

Recording unavailable (optional)

To record a programme, you should first correctly connect a USB storage device to your TV, while the TV is switched off. You should then switch on the TV to enable the recording feature. If you cannot record, check the storage device is correctly formatted and there is sufficient space.

USB is too slow (optional)

If a “USB storage device writing speed too slow to record” message is displayed on the screen while starting a recording, try restarting the recording. If you still get the same error, it is possible that your USB storage device does not meet the sp

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