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  • Owner's manual - (English, French)

User Guide KitchenAid YKMHS120EBS  Microwave

Table of contents

  • Unpacking
  • Location Requirements
  • Electrical Requirements
  • Turntable
  • Grill Element
  • Convection Element and Fan
  • Grill and Convection Racks
  • Display
  • Start
  • Seconds
  • Stop Cancel
  • Tones
  • Clock
  • Timer
  • Language
  • Weight Entry Mode
  • Control Lock
  • Food Characteristics
  • Cooking Guidelines
  • Cookware and Dinnerware
  • Aluminum Foil and Metal
  • Microwave Cooking Power
  • Manual Cooking
  • Cooking in Stages


To Set:

1. Touch TIMER.

2. Touch the number keypads to enter desired time.

3. Touch START. When the set time ends, “End” will appear in the display and the end-of-Timer tones will sound.

4. Touch STOP CANCEL while the Timer is active in the display to cancel the Timer.

Cooking in Stages

The microwave oven can be set to cook at different cooking powers for various lengths of time, up to 2 stages, which may include a defrosting stage. See the “Defrost” section to set the defrosting stage.


If a defrosting stage is programmed, it will cycle first

To Cook in Stages:

1. Place food on the turntable and close the door.

2. Touch COOK TIME. “00:00” will appear in the display. Enter the length of time to cook during the first stage.

3. Touch POWER LEVEL, then enter the desired cooking power for the first stage. See the “Microwave Cooking Power” section.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the second stage.

5. Touch START. One tone will sound between stages. When the cycle ends, “End” will appear in the display and the end-of-cycle tones will sound.

6. Touch STOP CANCEL or open the door to clear the display. Cook time may be added in 30-second increments during the cycling stage by touching START ADD 30 SEC.


To avoid damage to the microwave oven, do not use regular paper bags or glassware.

  •  Pop only one package of popcorn at a time.
  •  Follow manufacturer’s instructions when using a microwave popcorn popper.


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