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User Guide Philips 26PF5321D/37 Digital TV

Table of contents

  • A Guide to Digital TV
  • Preparation
  • Use of the remote control
  • Control Buttons on the TV
  • My Content
  • To use the menus
  • Introduction
  • How to navigate through the Settings menus
  • Demo
  • Installation
  • Select the menu language
  • Store TV channels
  • Weak channel installation
  • Software upgrade
  • Setup menu
  • Preferences
  • Source
  • Clock
  • TV menu
  • Picture menu
  • Sound menu
  • Features menu

Picture menu


  • Some menu items are not available in case of HD sources. & Press the cursor right to select Picture. é Press the cursor right again to enter the Picture menu.
  • “ Select the menu items with the cursor up/down. ‘
  • Adjust the settings with the cursor left/right or enter the list of submenu items with the cursor right. Select a submenu item with the cursor up/down.

Auto picture

  • Select Auto picture to display a list of predefined picture settings, each corresponding with specific factory settings.
  • Personal refers to the personal preference settings of picture in the picture menu.


  • This Philips TV has been set at the factory to look best in bright store environments which typically use fluorescent lighting.
  • As your home will likely not be as well lit as a store, we recommend that you cycle through the various auto picture modes to find the one that best suits your own viewing conditions.
  • Most consumers will find that Natural is the correct choice.

Color temperature

  • This will increase or decrease Warm (red) and Cool (blue) colors to suit personal preferences.
  • Select Cool to give the white colors a blue, Normal to give the white colors a neutral, Warm to give the white colors a red tint.

Digital processing

  1. Standard = line doubling eliminates the flicker.
  2. Pixel Plus = for everyday viewing, Pixel Plus is the most ideal setting, as it fully processes the image to make every single pixel the best it can be, improving contrast, sharpness, picture depth, and color reproduction and brilliance from every source, including High Definition.

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