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Fan,grill element
top heater
Economy Grill (variable) (1100w)
Use the economy grill to grill or brown
small amounts of food. Locate the grill
pan in the 4th or 5thshelf position .
pre-heat the grill for 5 minutes before
use .
Circular heater Fan
with Bottom Element
This operates the fan oven with the
convection element and the bottom
element allowing for cooking with
increased temperature from the
of the dish when using shelf
or 4 . set the oven operation
the default temperature
displayed and can be
position 3
knob to .
of 220 is
adjusted and
Fan and bottom heater on
At this oven function , the oven activates
the bottom heater and fan function.
The mode is useful for baking low pastry
and preparation of preserved fruit
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