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CAUTION A loaded upper rack may be heavier than anticipated. To prevent minor injury or damage to the contents, do not raise or lower the upper rack after the rack is loaded. 

The upper rack allows 2” of adjustment up or down to accommodate large items. The upper rack may be lowered by pushing the long flaps on each side of the rack. This will allow you to lower the rack (see fig. Upper Rack). To raise the rack, lift up on the rack until the rack locks in place.

On some models, the upper rack may be adjusted to accommodate larger items. To adjust the upper rack, fully extend the upper rack and remove the two plastic end caps on the front of the rails. Remove the upper rack. Select the set of rollers on the side of the rack that provides the desired height, and reinstall the upper rack by guiding the rack rails between the appropriate set of rollers. With the rack reinstalled, replace the two plastic end caps, ensuring the snap is properly engaged. Failure to properly engage the end caps may result in the rack falling from the dishwasher.

To add flexibility in loading, the stem safe shelf (on some models) may be placed in the up or down position or unfolded and placed in the lower unfolded position.

The shelf may also be used to secure stemware such as wine glasses. Because these stemware items come in various sizes, slowly push the rack in to ensure the items do not bump into the edges of the dishwasher, which may cause damage to the items.

The fold down tines (on some models) provide flexibility for extra-large and hard-to-fit items. The tine rows can be adjusted to a vertical or lay-down position.

For best dishwashing results, follow these loading guidelines. Features and appearance of racks and silverware


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