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GE - General Electric CKD70DM2N1S5 Questions and Answers

#1 What do I do if the part I need is no longer available?

- If a service part or accessory is no longer available, there is not a compatible part we can substitute.
- You may be able to locate the part through another source. Check for an authorized GE Appliances Parts distributor in your area who may still have the item in inventory. You may also be able to find the part by conducting an online search using the part number. Some online parts distributors or other sites that sell used or refurbished parts may still have the item in stock.
- If you are unsure which part number you need, locate the model number of your appliance and find your model on our Parts and Accessories web site. From there you will be able to access assembly diagrams that identify replacement parts from each section of the appliance. If you are unable to locate your model number or find it on our Parts and Accessories site, please Contact Us for guided assistance.
- When an appliance is no longer manufactured, there is always a remote possibility it could still be in stock in a dealer's inventory. Since we are unable to confirm which models remain in stock at dealer sites, use our Where to Buy site for a listing of dealers near you to contact. If the model you would like is not available with any of those dealers, try expanding your search area.
- Our site provides specifications and product information on many of our appliances that are no longer manufactured. If you cannot find your model on our site, Contact Us for assistance. We can often help provide the specifications you need, or even assist you with finding a comparable model.
- Appliances that are 20+ years old may have limited literature availability (owner's manuals, installation instructions, energy guide labels, templates, and wiring diagrams). If you are unable to find literature for your model on our site, Contact Us for assistance. In some cases, we may be able to locate the materials.

#2 Is there a time limit on returning a part or accessory?

Parts and accessories may be returned for credit up to 90 days from the date the part or accessory was shipped to you from our warehouse. Returns need at least one billing cycle (30 days) to be processed before your account can be credited.
- 30 Day Return Policy Items may be returned within 30 days from the date they were shipped from our warehouse without a restocking fee.
- 31-90 Day Return Policy Items may be returned within 31-90 days from the date they were shipped from our warehouse. A $15 restocking fee will be charged.
- Over 90 Day Return Policy Items that were shipped more than 90 days ago cannot be returned.

#3 Where should returned, damaged, or unneeded parts and accessories be shipped?

In order to return damaged or unneeded parts, you need to complete the online returns process and get a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number. Through this process, you will be given instructions on how to return the item, including the return shipping address. A RMA number is required for a return and must be visible on the return package or the return will not be processed.